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Anime Character Trench Coat – Anime Nations (Ina Daniels)

Discover characters by tag including school uniform, tie, glasses, bow, stockings, ponytail, twintails, dress and many more.. Trese: The fabric that would become the coat was a baby shower gift for the eponymous prophecy child, having protective runes drawn into it. Check out amazing trenchcoat artwork on DeviantArt.

The two seem to be some kind of secret agents or detectives.

He also wears a bright red muscle shirt, double belts. Mens DB Super Villains Black Graphic T-Shirt. $. Want to discover art related to trenchcoat? Tintin: The title character often wears a trench coat.

Anime Character Trench Coat – Anime Nations

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Trench coat Guy Anime Coloured by L-dylan on DeviantArt

Hair Color Black Blonde / Yellow Blue Brown Green Gray Orange Purple Red White Pink Maroon Blue / Green Not Visible. A trench coat is a raincoat made of waterproof heavy-duty cotton drill or poplin, wool gabardine, or in some cases leather: it generally has a removable insulated lining; and it is usually knee-length or longer. Hair Length No Hair To Ears To Neck To Shoulders To Chest To Waist Hip / Past Hip Hair Up / Indeterminate.



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