White Hair Anime Characters Male – Inuyasha is the central character of the InuYasha manga series and its anime adaptation. Anime is known for having characters with unnatural hair colors, but those with white hair, in particular, stand out from the rest.

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Here are our favorites from over the years. Soul is a young boy with white hair swept to one side and red eyes. He swiftly stole the hearts of fans.

Zen Wisteria (Snow White With the Red Hair) In this story, Snow White has red hair, and her prince has white hair instead!

Gojo Satarou (Jujutsu Kaisen) – The Strongest White Hair Characters In Anime. The main character and protagonist of Tokyo Ghoul is Ken Kaneki. Sensei characters don't always get a lot of screen time. White hair is striking on its own, but it becomes even more memorable when the character sporting it has a lovable personality.

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Sensei characters don't always get a lot of screen time. Here are the most famous male characters with white hair. Kaneki is a synthetic half-ghoul with white hair and a single fake eye.



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