Abbyy Finereader Free Download Latest Version for Windows

Unduh Gratis Abbyy Finereader Versi Terbaru untuk Windows

Abbyy Finereader Free Download Latest Version for Windows, It can be said that ABBYY itself is a platform that can do several things through its 3 superior products. However, the most famous is the ABBYY FineReader where it allows users to convert physical text to digital in a non-photo format.

So this application will utilize optical character recognition technology or commonly known as OCR, where this technology allows users to scan paper or writing on other objects clearly, and turn them into digital writing in formats such as Ms. Word, Ms. Excel, Ms. PowerPoint, Rich Text Format, HTML, PDF/A, PDF, CSC, up to txt.

There are many types of languages ​​that can be recognized by ABBYY, where there are more than 192 languages ​​that can be recognized by the application’s OCR technology. Then it also has a built-in spell check for 48 languages, which allows users to do more scanning with precise writing.

Due to its capabilities, there are currently more than 20 million ABBYY FineReader users worldwide. And based on the optical character recognition of FineReader, ABBYY has successfully licensed this technology to several companies, including Fujitsu, Panasonic, Xerox, Samsung, and a number of other well-known brands.

ABBYY Finereader features:

1. OCR Scanning.

This is the main capability of the ABBYY FineReader Engine and is widely used by the public. Usually, this helps users to convert from physical text to digital format. Using printed or handwritten writing with a clear style and form of writing will be well recognized by the following applications.However, if it is difficult to read it with the naked eye, it will make this scanning machine not easy and even fail to digitize the text. One of them is like the writings of doctors who are notorious for being difficult to read, and only pharmacists understand this style of writing.

2. ICR Scan.

The following scanning process is more or less the same as OCR, which changes the writing on real objects into digital. It’s just that the type is different, because ICR is more often used by certain institutions with the format or type of writing that is written/printed using special materials.ICR itself is a character recognition reader technology for printing from Magnetic ink, which is usually used by the Bank as a process of checking money, checks, or others that have a number code with magnetic ink printing.Usually for this number it’s on the bottom left edge, and it’s a check number, bank number, as well as account number. And of course the following technologies will usually be combined with systems made by the institution itself, to make it easier for employees to do the work and minimize human errors.

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3. OMR Scanning.

Then there is Optical Mark Recognition aka OMR, or commonly known as a mark recognition device. For the OMR machine and software itself, it will be used to recognize a sign given to a certain code or point. This device will utilize the Light Beam to perform a physical scan of the data.Later the mark will be recognized and processed to be converted into a digital signal that is sent to a certain system for inspection.

And in Indonesia, you may already be familiar with the LJK system used during school exams. Where students are asked to mark the answers that are considered correct, by filling the circle from the choices that have been provided.Well, marks like that will later be scanned and sent to computer devices for further processing, where it’s not just a circle mark, but using other forms as well where this can be adjusted rather than needed. And of course it must be connected to a customized system in order to get maximum functionality, which is clear that this method will make it easier for people to make an assessment of something.

4. Document Imaging.

Usually this technology is used in the business field, because document imaging has the ability to create a replica of a document. Not only from printouts, but from facsimile machines to computer output microfilm (COM) and archive writing can be done well.And this technology allows copying of documents to be carried out in a very similar way. However, this depends on the process, the slower the scanning speed, the better the results will be.

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5. PDF File Processing.

The next function is to be able to process PDF files owned by users, using the ABBYY FineReader PDF application. This application not only allows users to read PDF files, but also can edit, convert, and compare PDF files. And with the ABBYY ecosystem, it allows users to get more complete functions with PDF files, from scanning with OCR, to editing in PDF form.

Advantages of ABBYY Finereader:

1. Become the Mainstay of Many Large Institutions.

As explained earlier, many institutions or large companies have entrusted matters related to scanning and processing physical files to become digital using the ABBYY ecosystem. Through the sophisticated system they have, they are even more confident to rely on it. Moreover, thanks to the support that is given well to premium customers, it allows users to get what is requested or maybe support for certain functions.

2. Advanced Scan Function.

Of the many scanning application systems from physical document files into digital form, the ABBYY ecosystem can be said to have the most advanced and accurate technology in scanning. That way, results can be created well and with minimal errors.Not only physical files in the form of writing, but certain codes made with special materials can also be scanned properly by the ABBYY ecosystem, ranging from magnetic ink to a scanning function for signs to provide certain codes to be processed by the system to provide the required results.

3. Supports Popular Operating Systems.

Ease of use is not only due to the many functions provided, but also thanks to the support of the world’s most popular operating system. There are 3 OS that are the mainstay for Laptop/Computer users around the world, including Linux, Windows, and also Mac OS.Users can download and install this ABBYY application on their devices in a compatible manner, choose the version that suits the operating system on your device, so that it can run properly. Because when the OS format is not comparable, there may be some things that will certainly crash and cannot be utilized properly.

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Lack of ABBYY:

1. Language Support For Support.

Maybe some of you will find it difficult to get support from the official ABBYY party. Because it will use the international language, English. However, as a technician from a certain company or organization, English language skills must be mastered properly. Because he will be faced with various kinds of international languages ​​in the process.

2. Relatively Expensive.

There are many choices of products offered by ABBYY, and it is clear that there is a trial version. That can be used by users for a certain period of time or with clearly limited functions.

Abbyy Finereader Free Download Latest Version for Windows. To get the full version, users must subscribe to premium first, to unlock all the features or time restrictions given. In addition, users will also get support from ABBYY, when they experience certain problems using the product.

Bagi anda yang menginginkan file instalasi Abbyy Finereader Free Download, anda bisa mendownloadnya dengan mengklik link dibawah ini.Anda harus mengerti bahwa ini hanya percobaan.

Unduh Gratis Abbyy Finereader Versi Terbaru untuk Windows

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