Add WhatsApp Contacts By Scan QR Code

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Add WhatsApp Contacts By Scan QR Code

Add WhatsApp Contacts By Scan QR Code. Before we continue the discussion as the title of this article suggests, we will discuss a little about this messaging application. Honestly, this application is very familiar with our lives now. Many users of smartphones or desktop devices use them for doing business or communicating. Whether it’s in writing, files, videos, and others.

WhatsApp is a cross-platform instant messaging application. This allows users to exchange messages without being charged because WhatsApp Messenger uses internet data packages. By utilizing a 3G, 4G, or WiFi internet connection for communication.

For now, the use of WhatsApp is very much whether it is in our country or in other countries. It can not be separated from the appearance that is easy to understand and the system is very simple to use.

As time goes by, WhatsApp continues to innovate to provide more new features that help its users. One feature that is quite interesting on WhatsApp messenger is adding contacts of other WhatsApp users by scanning the QR Code only. For an explanation, you can follow our article below.

Add WhatsApp Contacts By Scan QR Code – softappin

This is one of the very easy ways for us to add WhatsApp users to our WhatsApp contacts. When compared with the old way which requires us to enter a contact number first. The method that we are discussing is easier and faster to do, imagine, you only need to scan the code then the contact will be saved automatically.

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Using this feature, there is no such thing as mis-save numbers as I or even readers have experienced. For those of you who want to know how to add WhatsApp contacts by scanning the QR code, then follow the steps that we provide below:

  • The first step.
    Is to make sure that the WhatsApp application installed on your device is the latest version. If not, then immediately update or download the latest version.
  • After that.
    Open the WhatsApp application, look up to the right, then we will find three “…” dots, choose the three-dot symbol.
  • The next step.
    Selects “search” and the “Settings” option.
  • Next step.
    Press the settings option earlier and you will be moved to the settings page.
  • After that.
    Look next to the photo, you will find a QR Code logo, please press the logo.Here, if you want to scan your friend’s QR, then select the Scan Code option, then in the notification box that appears, just press OK.
  • Finally.
    If you want to display your own QR Code for friends or people you want to make your WhatsApp contact. Then press the code button and invite your friends to scan the code.

Add WhatsApp Contacts By Scan QR Code, for a little advice from us, when you want to do a scan, make sure you are in a bright place, the goal is that the code logo is read perfectly.

Besides that, you can also do a “My Code” screenshot, and then you can share it, for example to social media, your friends, or someone who wants to meet you through the WhatsApp messaging application. So they can easily scan the logo and automatically you will be added directly to their WhatsApp contacts.

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For those of you who want to get the latest version of the WhatsApp application, you can see the download link below. Please use the same download link as the device you are using.

WhatsApp New Version For  APK Android

WhatsApp New Version For PC Windows