Adobe Acrobat Reader DC 22.9.2 Download Apk For Android

Adobe Acrobat DC PDF Reader Free APK for Android

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC 22.9.2 Download Apk For Android. This is an application that is really needed, whether it’s for students or for office workers and others. What is certain is that without an application like this we will not be able to read, edit, and even pin it. That’s why installing this application on your Android device is very important.

Those of us who only need the main features included in Adobe Reader is absolutely free of charge. But this application has more features and is only in the pro version (paid). However, when using it, you will notice that many features are only provided in the premium package.

If your needs revolve around the basics like opening PDF files, signing documents, adding stamps, or leaving comments on documents, then the free version is perfect for you.

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC:

  • View PDF.
  • Collaborate with others.
  • Use your finger to scan the signature
  • You can easily connect to a Dropbox account.
  • Annotate any PDF files you have with sticky notes.
  • Use markup, highlight, underline, and cross-mark in writing.
  • Can draw with the tools provided on your Android screen.
  • Save your files and share them in the cloud.
  • You can receive activity notifications for each file that you have shared.
  • Share a pdf file to an email, by creating a link.

If you have subscribed to one of Adobe’s online services, the Acrobat Reader dc application for android can also:

  • You can create a pdf file
  • Convert owned pdf files
  • Existing PDF files can be edited.
  • You can open files in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel formats directly on your Android and convert them directly to PDF files.
  • Can Delete, reorder, and rotate pages.
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Well, if you have read all about this pdf file reader application and it matches what you need. You can download Adobe Acrobat DC PDF Reader Free APK for Android, the download link is available below. If you need a 64-bit one, click the 64-bit download link. If you need this application in 32-bit format, then click the 32-bit download link.

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC 22.9.2 Download Apk For Android

Download → Adobe Acrobat Reader DC 22.9.2 Apk 64b

Download → Adobe Acrobat Reader DC 22.9.2 Apk 32b

Note: The apk file that we provide can only be installed on Android with version 7.0 (higher). We can use not all the features in this application in Adobe Acrobat DC mode for free. If you need all of the features of this pdf file reader software. Then you have to buy it (update to the adobe acrobat dc pro version).