Adobe Reader Linux Download Free Latest Version

Adobe Reader Linux Download Free Latest VersionAdobe Reader Linux Download Free Latest Version. For those of you who are bored with the PDF reader that comes with your Linux OS, there is nothing wrong if you try to install Adobe Reader on your Linux OS. Here I gave an example of using the Slackware 13 Linux distro but did not rule out the possibility to install it on other Linux distributions.

Note: I do this all with a root account.

Steps Install Adobe Reader Linux

  1. First, download the installation file for Adobe Reader. this should be, otherwise, how are we going to install this application. for the download link, we can see at the end of this article. The link that we have prepared is a link that leads directly to the official download page. There you can select the version and language that you will use.
  2. Then, click Download, your browser will automatically download the Adobe Reader installation file. This file size is quite large, around 46MB, so you have to be patient if your connection is mediocre.
  3. After the download is complete, open a terminal/console on your Linux.
  4. Then move to the directory where the Adobe Reader installation file was stored. For example, I saved my download in the / root folder, so I type it in the terminal: “cd/root” Without quotes.
  5. Then how do I install it? It’s easy because the extension of the file that was downloaded earlier is * .bin, then you just have to execute it. But wait, change the properties of the installation file, because by default this installation file cannot be executed (not an executable file). Then type in the terminal (in this example, the file name I downloaded is AdbeRdr9.3.2-1_i486linux_enu.bin): “chmod + x AdbeRdr9.3.2-1_i486linux_enu.bin” Without quotes.
  6. After that type the following command to install: ./AdbeRdr9.3.2-1_i486linux_enu.bin
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Adobe Reader Linux

Wait for the installation to complete. When finished, the Adobe Reader shortcut icon will appear on your desktop, and all PDF files on your computer icon will change to the Adobe PDF file icon (as you usually see in windows).

How do I know that the downloaded file is not an executable file? It’s easy, type in the terminal: ls –color

You will see a display in a colorful terminal. Executable files are usually marked with green letters (this is if the terminal is Slackware, usually in other distributions sometimes executable files are marked with an asterisk (*) behind the name. For example: fileSaya.bin * => this means the file is executable (executable / run).

Adobe Reader Linux Download Free Latest Version, Well, just until here, by following what I have shared in this article. I think it will work, and for the link, I have put it below. You can use it to go to the download page of this application.

Adobe Reader Linux Download Free Latest Version

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