BBM App For Android Download Free Latest Version

BBM App For Android Download Free Latest Version – For those of you who want to download BBM App For Android Download without the play store, here I have prepared the latest BBM application that you can download directly from the android phone browser.

This latest BBM android app has new features and a much more responsive look equipped with the following advantages:

BBM App For Android Download Free Latest Version

The main advantage of this latest android BBM app is the performance of this app is faster / lighter and battery saving, as we know if the previous version of android BBM is famous for its high ram consumption rate as well as wasteful battery android phone we use.

The advantages of this latest BBM application are found in the display. display ranging from menu icons to chat views and BBM contacts differ considerably in the appeal of the BBM application before it, the chat view of this application is more responsive and friendly when we want to see active chats, contacts, groups, and updated contacts just touch and swipe left and right.

The status update is no longer necessary from the profile, if in the android BBM application before it when you want to do a status update must select a profile to edit the status, on this latest version of the BBM application, you can update directly from the update menu contact.

In other words, the current BBM status update is more similar to social media such as Facebook and other applications.

The most striking advantage of the latest android BBM app at the moment is that we can see details and comments on photos/images in the android BBM group.

As we know if on the android BBM application before it has problems with photos/images in the group that can not be seen the details and comments, so some sellers online shop group BBM difficult to make sales to members of the group that uses BBM android.

BBM App For Android Download Free Latest Version, Aside from some of the advantages above, there are also some other advantages such as the profile view that changes completely, friends can know our location, although the location/map feature is enabled, equipped with various unique Emoticons, BBM video calls can be via wifi and cellular networks.

BBM App For Android Download Free Latest Version