Best Android Phone Cleaner App by softappin

Best Android Phone Cleaner App by softappin

Best Android Phone Cleaner App. we will discuss some interesting applications, many users and can be tested for reliability. Every android device is required to use one of the applications that we will discuss. considering the more applications installed on Android, the slower the performance will be. The reason is, because the RAM and CPU allotments are getting depleted as more software is running. And finally the android that we have will slow down.

In addition to the problems we mentioned above, the cause of the smartphone slowing down is due to junk files, cache, and obsolete files that fill the phone’s memory capacity. For that we have to clean up the garbage, if we want our smart phones to work smoothly and stably.

So for those of you who have an Android mobile phone, and its performance has started to feel heavy and slow. Please choose one of the applications that we present and which you think is suitable for use.


For PC users with Windows or MAC OS, they are definitely familiar with this one garbage cleaning application. Yep, CCleaner has been around for a long time as a utility application for computer devices. Its reliable ability to clean all kinds of junk files, makes this application widely known.

Now the CCleaner application is also available for android devices with features that are no less sophisticated. With just a few touches, your Android smartphone will be free from junk files. This application is also quite friendly with storage space because it is only about 5 MB in size.

Features CCleaner :

  1. Clean all kinds of junk files, browser cache, download folders, etc.
  2. Delete call logs and SMS messages
  3. Easily uninstall unnecessary apps
  4. Intuitive and easy to use user interface
  5. RAM and CPU usage friendly
  6. Monitor CPU, RAM and storage usage
  7. Check battery level and temperature

Clean Master

Clean Master is a very popular junk cleaner app on Android. In addition to cleaning junk files, Clean Master is also equipped with abundant features, one of which is free Antivirus. Because there are so many advanced features in it, it actually makes this application feel quite heavy and is not recommended for smartphones with 1 GB RAM and below. The size is also quite large, which is about 19 MB.

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Features Clean Master:

  1. Free antivirus to protect smartphones from viruses and trojan threats
  2. Private Photo to encrypt your private photos so they can’t be seen by others
  3. WiFi Security to detect fake WiFi and unsecured connections
  4. Cellular Optimization, speed up phone by cleaning RAM
  5. Battery Saver, hibernates running apps to save battery
  6. Charge Master to prevent battery overcharging
  7. Lock other apps with PIN or pattern
  8. Game Optimizer, increase speed when playing games
  9. Application manager, and many more features

Clean Master Lite (Boost)

If the Clean Master application above feels heavy on your smartphone, then you can try Clean Master Lite as an alternative. This application is quite light and has a very powerful ability to clean junk files. The size is also very small, which is about 4 MB.

Features Clean Master Lite (Boost):

  1. Clean residual junk files, ad junk, obsolete apk.
  2. Speed ​​up device by cleaning RAM
  3. Save battery by hibernating apps running in the background
  4. Antivirus, to protect against viruses, trojans, adware, spyware and vulnerabilities.

Super Cleaner

The next best junk file cleaner app is Super Cleaner developed by Hawk App Studio. Super Cleaner comes with a pretty attractive appearance. In addition to cleaning android junk, this application also offers a lot of features. The size is also not too big, which is about 12 MB only.

Features Super Cleaner:

  1. Clean junk files with just one touch
  2. Clean cache files from previously uninstalled apps
  3. Cool down CPU by stopping unneeded apps
  4. Antivirus, protects smartphones from malicious virus attacks
  5. Clean RAM
  6. Battery saver
  7. App Manager, back up or delete apps
  8. Prevent some apps from running automatically
  9. Clean up annoying notifications

Super Fast Cleaner

As the name implies, this application is able to maximize mobile phone performance to be faster with various cool features in it. Besides being light and fast, this application is also equipped with additional features such as Antivirus, battery saver, and others. No need to worry about your phone storage, because this application is only about 6 MB in size.

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Features Super Fast Cleaner:

  1. Clean junk files fast
  2. Speed ​​up phone performance (boost)
  3. CPU Cooler
  4. Battery Saver
  5. Application Manager
  6. Anti Virus

Super Antivirus Cleaner – MAX

Next there is the Super Antivirus Cleaner – MAX application which isdeveloped by ONE App Ltd. This application not only functions as a junk and RAM cleaner, there are many other useful features that you can take advantage of. One of the highlights is the duplicate photo remover feature. The size is also very small, which is about 6 MB only.

Features Super Antivirus Cleaner – MAX:

  1. Garbage Cleaner
  2. Phone Booster
  3. Battery Saver
  4. Anti Virus
  5. App Lock
  6. Application Manager
  7. Duplicate photo remover
  8. Boost Games
  9. Notification manager
  10. Smart charging

360 Security Lite

360 Security Lite is a lightweight version of 360 Security and is specially designed for smartphones with less than 1 GB of RAM. Although light and energy efficient, don’t underestimate its capabilities. With a relatively small size (8 MB), you can already enjoy various advanced features in it.

Features 360 Security Lite:

  1. Clean junk files fast
  2. Phone Boost
  3. Wi-Fi Security
  4. Anti Virus
  5. CPU Cooler
  6. App Lock
  7. Battery Saver

Power Clean

If you want a junk cleaner app without Antivirus, then Power Clean is the right choice. This is the lightest junk cleaner app and it’s also very small in size (about 3 MB). Although small, the features in it are also very much. Power Clean has also been downloaded more than 100 million times on the Google Play Store.

Features Power Clean:

  1. Junk cleaner
  2. Power boost
  3. CPU Cooler
  4. Notification cleaner
  5. RAM Cleaner
  6. App lock
  7. Device info
  8. App manager
  9. Duplicate photo remover

Avast Cleanup & Boost

Having been in the antivirus world for a long time, the robustness of the application made by Avast is unquestionable. This time Avast created a special android application to clean and improve the performance of android phones. There are so many interesting features that you can try with only about 15 MB in size.

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Features Avast Cleanup & Boost:

  1. Garbage Cleaner
  2. Clean the device automatically (Pro version)
  3. Advanced Photo optimizer
  4. App manager
  5. Speed ​​up device
  6. Device analysis
  7. Integrates with Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive

DU Cleaner

DU Cleaner is perfect for those of you who just want the trash cleaning feature. Yep, sometimes we don’t need all the redundant features, so it’s useless. DU Cleaner offers a very in-depth and detailed junk file cleaner. So that users can set any type of file they want to delete. For its size is also very small, which is about 6 MB only.

Features DU Cleaner:

  1. Remove trash with just one tap
  2. Comprehensive Cleaner to save storage space
  3. Full control over what gets deleted
  4. Fast and convenient
  5. Deep cleaning analyzer

Best Android Phone Cleaner App

Of the ten applications that we described above, from the point of view of the features, they are almost the same. But each of these cleaning applications has its own advantages. So choose the application that suits your needs.

Meanwhile, to get the installation file, you can click directly on the download link that we provide at each of the application points above. In addition, you can also install online by accessing the Play Store on an Android smartphone.

If there is other software that you need, be it for Desktop devices or Smart Phones, please click SOFTAPPIN. Hopefully what you are looking for is on our website.