CR2 Converter Download Free for Windows

CR2 Converter Download Free for Windows
CR2 Converter Download Free for Windows

CR2 Converter Download Free for Windows. is software to convert CR2 to other image formats such as JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, and TIFF. The CR2 file format itself is a special file format for RAW photos that come from a camera brand that you are likely familiar with, namely Canon.

RAW photos, briefly described, are ‘raw’ photos produced by the camera and have not gone through the editing process. As a result, RAW photos have a larger file size than other image file formats such as JPEG.

However, many photographers choose to shoot photos in RAW format for commercial purposes because the quality is intact as it is, unlike JPEG photos which degrade each time they are edited or saved as a new file.

CR2 Converter Features and Benefits

Usually RAW photos are edited and the edits are saved in JPEG format, then those JPEG photos are used for other purposes, for example to be uploaded to the internet, sent to clients, or used as portfolios. RAW photos can also be converted to JPEG format without having to be edited first. The trick is to convert files, such as CR2 files converted with CR2 Converter.

What is CR2 Converter

There are three main sections in the CR2 Converter software. At the top is a list that displays all the CR2 files you entered.

The information displayed in the list is the file name and the respective file size. Below the file list, there are two buttons for adding files to the list and removing files from the list.

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The second section is a section that displays all the output file formats supported by CR2 Converter. Before the CR2 conversion starts, you have to choose one of these file formats. If you want to convert all CR2 files to JPEG format, you can skip to the next step because the default file format is JPEG.

Then in the last section, you can choose a location to save all CR2 files whose format has been changed to the file format you want. After pressing the Convert button, as much as possible do not use the computer while the files are still being converted so that most of the computer’s resources can be devoted to handling the conversion process.

Now if you want to use this application on your pc device. Please click the download button below to get the installation file.

CR2 Converter Download Free for Windows