Definition of Hard Disk, Functions, Types of Hard Disk

Definition of Hard Disk, Functions, Types of Hard Disk

Definition of Hard Disk, Functions, Types of Hard Disk. For now, the use of computers or laptops in the modern era is very much, it can even be said that this is a common thing. My brothers and sisters use this equipment in daily life for various purposes, such as playing games, working, and many more.

Talking about computer devices or what is often referred to by the abbreviation PC. This equipment consists of many components and each of them has its own function. For example, there is a hard disk or so-called hard disk.

Another name is the hard drive and it is commonly shortened to HD. So in this article, we will discuss a few of the many about hard drives (HD), starting from the understanding of hard drives, their functions, components, and types of hard drives that have been circulating in our lives today.

Definition Hard Disk

Hard disk (HD) is a hardware device that is used to store data on a computer device (PC). All of our data that is on a computer device, whether it’s documents, images, system data, OS, applications, will be stored in this HD hardware (Hardisk).

Hard Disk Drive (HDD) or what we call a hard disk provides a special space for storing and reading data. This device is a non-volatile memory which means that the data we store will not be lost even if the computer is turned off.

If we want to distinguish, this device is different from the Ram Storage in the computer. Where all data stored temporarily on Ram will be lost when the computer is turned off or in an off condition. If you want to know more about ram please go to What Is Ram In Computer.

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Hard drives were first commercialized in 1956 by the IBM Company and were immediately accepted by the public. So afterward, the hard drive became a standard storage medium on computer devices. Until now, people use it on servers as well as PCs.

Hard Disk Functions

On a computer device, this hard drive (HD) has many functions or roles. For example, we will give some important points in the main use of this hard drive.

  1. Save Files In Various Formats.
    The main function of a hard disk is to store files belonging to the user or user. This very important role is accompanied by its ability to accommodate files in various formats or types.Generally, users will save files based on the doc, Mkv, mp3, and other virtual documents. Because of the importance of this storage function, HD seems to be a very important element for computer users. What’s more, using computers in terms of work, all the data stored is very important, this can be called the life of entrepreneurs.
  2. As a Data Saving Space.
    I’m sure some of you who read this article understand the general function of this hard disk, which is to store databases. What is a database? It is a major element in a computer system.The database is stored on the HD on the computer and becomes a data access center for other users or clients. This is the reason why the database is stored only on the hard disk of a computer that is a server.
  3. Storing Data For Apps and Software.
    Computer users often add or install supporting software and applications. HD also functions as a media for storing files or data from these applications.ou need to pay attention, a hard drive must have a large enough capacity to accommodate heavy software and applications. The number of installed applications will also have an effect.
  4. Back-up Facility.
    Some of us must have used HD as a media for storing important files. This means that you can duplicate your important documents and data and store them in many places including HD.This is done to prevent the loss of important files, especially for those who work on computers.
  5. Saving Data from System Operation.
    An operating system such as Windows or others requires a large enough space to put files and data once installed. Without a hard drive, the OS will not run normally on the computer. In short, OS is software and Harddisk is hardware.
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Type of Hard Disk

  • Conventional HD.
    The most common type or model is a conventional hard drive. you can find it on the market with various capacities and specific brands, according to your needs. There is a disc disk that serves to store data on it.The most significant drawback is durability or durability. This is because the main component will rotate when copying and reading data.In terms of advantages, conventional HD tends to be cheaper when compared to other types. In addition, you can get it easily in the market.
  • Solid State Drives (SSD).
    The second type of hard drive that is popularly used by the wider community is an SSD or solid-state drive. In terms of construction or components, this type does not use disks or discs for its performance.On HD SSDs, there is much chip that serves as storage space. In terms of functionality, the storage system is similar to that of a USB flash drive. For those of us who are already familiar with the use of flash drives, may already understand how this HD SSD works.In terms of popularity, SSDs are considered more desirable by consumers. There are many reasons why this type has become very popular in the market. One of its advantages is the absence of disc rotation.

    By not relying on disc rotation, the performance is not noisy and distracting users. In addition, the performance in copying and reading data is more stable than other types.

    In terms of reading speed, HD SSD performance is also faster. This is the reason why the boot and startup process can run smoothly and quickly. If we compare it with other types of HD

In addition, many people choose the type of SSD because of the durability factor. HD is more durable and able to withstand vibration or other disturbances. So for those of you who need more formality, you can choose this type.

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