Download EasyBCD for Windows

Download EasyBCD for WindowsDownload EasyBCD for Windows. This is a free software offered by neo smart technology, which has a function to make boot settings. In addition, EasyBCD can also be used to add to the boot menu and all sorts of other things related to the boot process. So, for those of you who want to install more than one operating system, you can use this application for boot management.

Maybe some computer/laptop devices can immediately do their own dual boot settings, where when start-up starts, you can choose which operating system to use automatically. However, in some conditions, such things cannot be done, because the system has an error when reading other operating systems.

Usually, it happens when you install a newer version of the operating system first, then use an older version of the OS install. This will not be detected by the system, and you will always be directed to an OS that is indeed a newer version. However, with the help of EasyBCD for Windows. The old version of the OS can be reappeared and can be selected during the boot process.

EasyBCD for Windows Features

The features of this application itself are actually very numerous, and users can use it for various things related to the boot process and operating system settings running on a computer/laptop device. And some of the main features include:

1. Boot Configuration

As stated earlier, where the main function of EasyBCD for Windows is to configure the boot. Where users can freely make settings which operating system will be used as the main choice, or maybe equalized, so users must choose first before booting is done. With the help of this boot configuration, users can also avoid miss booting or an error dual boot system. That way, you won’t be in vain installing more than one operating system.

2. Changing OS Defaults

If you don’t want to display the other operating system clearly. Then you can hide it first, choose a certain operating system to run, and set it as the main setting. So that later you will only boot using one operating system that is installed as if other operating systems do not exist. It’s just that the partition problem will certainly be detected, which applies to the same OS. Because if one is Linux and the other is Windows, then this system partition seems locked and cannot be opened. That’s because it’s a format that doesn’t match one OS to another.

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3. Overcome Bootloader Timeout

There is a possibility that after installing a new operating system, the bootloader will timeout so that the user cannot access the operating system on the computer/laptop device. And as a way to fix this, you first log in to one of the OS (the old one) and install EasyBCD for Windows first. Make settings by displaying dual boot, according to the installed operating system. That way, you won’t have any more bootloader timeouts later. And can change the operating system at any time when booting later.

4. Removing OS from Boot List

More or less the same as the second point, only it focuses more on a full operating system. This is usually done by users to get a faster boot process, or maybe they just don’t want to temporarily use another OS installed on their Computer/Laptop device.

5. Diagnose

Maybe you have problems booting, but don’t know what the cause of the problem is? So by using EasyBCD, you can diagnose and find out what problems occur on the device, so it can’t boot normally. This method will take a while, depending on the type of storage device you are using.

Advantages of EasyBCD

1. Can Configure Dual Boot Easily

Some people will certainly feel comfortable using the dual boot because they can use their laptop/computer more flexibly. It’s easy to do a variety of jobs, especially for different types of operating systems. For example, the main operating system is the Windows series, which is already very familiar to users in Indonesia. Then another operating system is Linux, which allows users to be freer to express and do more things without any restrictions

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2. Solving Boot Problems

Then another advantage is that it can help users to solve problems in all boot processes. Starting from not being able to appear dual OS installed, errors in booting, and many others. You can solve various problems while booting using EasyBCD, with just a few processes.

3. Complete Features

There are so many types of features offered by EasyBCD for Windows, and all of them focus on setting up the boot of a computer/laptop device. Maybe you want to customize the boot process that occurs, the choice of OS, or find some errors, maybe the following application can be the solution.

4. Free Software

No need to worry about subscription fees or expensive app purchases, because users can get EasyBCD for free. As long as you use it for personal use, there is no charge for the application.

However, if you want to use it for commercial, technical support, companies, or government agencies. There are special options that have to be purchased for some money, of which the following versions are certainly better and have a lot of support for users to take advantage of.

Weaknesses of EasyBCD for Windows

  1. Must understand booting
    Using EasyBCD can’t be arbitrary, because the settings are quite intimate. So users must understand at least the basics of the boot process itself. There are several important terms that users must really understand because if the settings are wrong, it can make the device unable to boot at all. However, problems like this can be overcome by following some of the guidelines. That have been offered on the internet easily. So you don’t have to worry about errors or other unwanted things.
  2. Quite Complicated Display
    Due to a large number of features, making its appearance can’t be simple. There are many options that must be considered by users to make adjustments to certain problems. This is not a big problem, once you get used to it.
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How to Use EasyBCD for Windows

  1. Basic
    First, you download and install the EasyBCD for Windows application. You can download it through the official website for free then. You open the application that has been successfully installed and click “Add/Remove Entries” in the EasyBCD Toolbox menu section on the leftAfter that, on the right side of the screen, you will find what systems are on your computer/laptop
  2. Removing OS from Boot List
    Please enter the Manage Existing Entries menu, and you will see the operating system on the device select the OS you want to delete and click the Delete buttonAfter the deletion process is complete, it is prompted to restart. You will later see that there is only one OS installed, and you will be immediately directed to enter that OS
  3. Add OS to Boot List
    EasyBCD for Windows, You can enter the Manage Existing Entries menu, then select Add an Entry

And to add a Linux operating system, click on the appropriate tab. You can add an operating system other than Linux too, just adjust it according to your individual needs

For the Linux option, please select Grub in the input type, and please give. The OS name it is easily recognized through the input name. You can use the version name of the OS

Then in the Drive section, please select the partition that has been installed by the Linux operating system

Next, you click the Add Entry button, and you will later see the Linux OS installed or appear on the Manage Existing Entries list. Now to get the installation file EasyBCD for Windows, please click the download button that we have prepared below.

EasyBCD Download for Windows