Download Kaspersky Antivirus Free for Windows

Download Kaspersky Antivirus Free for Windows
Download Kaspersky Antivirus Free for Windows

Download Kaspersky Antivirus Free for Windows. or better known by its acronym KAV is software to protect your computer from malware attacks. KAV is manufactured by Kaspersky Lab. Just like other antiviruses, KAV is also designed to run on two popular operating systems, namely Windows and MacOS operating systems. But apart from these two operating systems, KAV is also available for the Linux operating system for the business category.

KAV has a pretty attractive appearance with a green base color. The menus displayed are the standard menus needed by anti-malware software in general. One of the features that make this KAV chosen by many users is the frequency of updating its virus database which is very high so as to ensure users get protection against attacks by new models of viruses.

Antivirus Protection

KAV works using the virus candidate matching method with a database that has been stored on the KAV storage server. Next, KAV uses a metaheuristic algorithm to read whether a file has a file structure that is “similar” to a known virus type.

If the detected file has data similar to the behavior of the virus, then KAV will duplicate the file and send it automatically to the KAV database for further testing. If it is confirmed that the file is indeed a virus, KAV will automatically send updates to all KAV users who are connected to the internet.

The Realtime Protection feature of KAV will also provide additional protection on your computer from virus threats. This feature works by checking the data on your computer that behaves like a ransomware virus. When it encounters a file that has the potential to be ransomware, KAV will duplicate the file and restore the original file.

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Security and Privacy

In terms of security and privacy, KAV provides several excellent features. Some of them are self-defense modules that function to provide protection against cybercriminals who try to change the core system of KAV with hacking techniques. KAV also provides a safe money feature, where KAV will take over the payment system that you will make via the internet. When you make a transaction through a payment page on the internet, if the page is not encrypted then your data will be very vulnerable to hackers.

However, by using transactions through the KAV feature, it is impossible for hackers to trace your transactions. The next feature that is one of the selling points of KAV is the on-screen keyboard that ensures its users¬ are safe from keylogger programs that are meant to steal the information you type on your PC or laptop keyboard.

Download Kaspersky Antivirus Free

Overall KAV provides a very satisfactory level of security. Although there are some users who state that the secured connection modules on this KAV have access speeds that are still relatively low. You can download the latest and free Kaspersky Antivirus via the link below:

Download Kaspersky Antivirus Free for Windows