Download UltraSurf Latest Version for Windows

Download UltraSurf Latest Version for Windows
Download UltraSurf Latest Version for Windows

Download UltraSurf Latest Version for Windows. is an internet proxy software application. This program supplies multiple web proxies, the IP address you use when surfing will certainly be replaced with the IP address that has actually been set by UltraSurf This Ultratech-made software program will also avoid the browser from saving information such as cookies and also background.

By doing this UltraSurf permits you to surf the digital world without leaving a trace. Or in other words, give security when you surf in the online world. UltraSurf additionally has the ability to bypass ISP (Internet Service Provider) censorship, besides that this freeware likewise applies high encryption.

By utilizing an HTTP proxy, UltraSurf permits you to bypass website censorship and firewall programs, after that with its file encryption method you will obtain privacy. With this capacity, Ultrasurf enables you to be able to check out sites that are blocked or censored by your ISP, yet not censored by UltraSurf.

Benefits of UltraSurf.

There are 3 internet connection alternatives provided by UltraSurf, particularly Vehicle Proxy, Guidebook Proxy or Direct Attach. After picking the link mode, the standing notice located near the bottom will certainly display the message Efficiently linking to the server when you have effectively connected it. After successfully connected, UltraSuft will change the IP address you make use of when searching as well as secure your internet activity.

By doing this 3rd parties can not learn what browsing tasks you perform in the online world. Ultrasurf is an anti-censorship and pro-privacy proxy software program that is rather preferred among net users. Several of the benefits that make UltraSurf superior consist of:

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UltraSurf Feature

  1. Easy to use
  2. Supplies personal privacy defense,
  3. Immediately conceals IP as well as gets rid of traces (history as well as cookies).
  4. It has high security and protection attributes. Making use of SSL file encryption frequently utilized by e-banking.
  5. Lightweight (little in dimension) and portable
  6. Has 3 various server links, so even if one of the proxies is off, there are still two proxies backing up.

Download UltraSurf Latest Version

Ultrasurf is fairly easy to use. You do not require to install, simply run the.exe file. You can run it from a flash or other external information storage that is easy to carry anywhere. By doing this you can use it on any computer, consisting of public computers. UtraSurf is optimized to work on Internet Traveler, but it still functions as well as works fine on Google Chrome and also Mozilla Firefox.

Download UltraSurf Latest Version for Windows