Download Zoom Rooms Version 5.12.6 (2084)

Download Zoom RoomsZoom Rooms Version 5.12.6 (2084)

Download Zoom Rooms Version 5.12.6 (2084), Zoom Rooms is a high-quality video and audio communication software designed to enable businesses to do more with their conference rooms. Featuring wireless screens, Zoom Rooms can host conferences with a large number of participants and those who join from their webcams or phones.

To fully enjoy all Zoom Rooms has to offer, you should also equip your conference room with specialized Zoom Room gear. This will make scheduling your meetings easier and streamline the process of launching them.

Wireless sharing with multiple desktops

Multi-monitoring is a necessity. With wireless sharing, you’ll be able to monitor separate data from multiple desktops on one screen.

Zoom Rooms is designed specifically for conference room use. It has all the tools you need to chat, share content, hold presentations and webinars. Optimized for touchscreens, Zoom Rooms gives you access to advanced features and a great video experience.

Have you ever wished the people at your conference session could see what you see on your screen? With Zoom Rooms, there are many options for sharing. For example, one-click proximity sharing would allow all other participants and guests to view the same screen as you. You can share from a desktop via your browser, meaning this platform is extremely versatile.

Interactive multi-user whiteboard

Interactive multi-user whiteboarding allows up to fifteen people to join as participants, making it an excellent option for large seminars and online instruction.

Zoom Rooms allows for interactive whiteboarding sessions. This means participants can co-annotate across conference rooms and desktop or mobile platforms. Zoom Rooms is optimized for touchscreens, so they are much more streamlined than other whiteboard programs.

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This collaborative tool can handle up to 12 whiteboard sessions at any given time, which is perfect for long brainstorming sessions with a large team. As a bonus, you can save and resume whiteboarding sessions whenever you’d like.

Ours is the perfect conferencing system for your enterprise.

Zoom Rooms is an enterprise-grade video conferencing solution from one of the top players in the industry. It offers seamless video meetings on any device and ground-breaking security features. Zoom Rooms is designed for small to large businesses, but it has a scalable solution that maximizes flexibility with a drag-and-drop interface.

Download Zoom Rooms Version 5.12.6 (2084)

Zoom Rooms Version 5.12.6 (2084) 64 Bit |Download

Zoom Rooms Version 5.12.6 (2084) 32 Bit |Download

For those of you who need a zoom client for PC installation files, please click the download link for the latest 32-bit and 64-bit Zoom for PC versions.

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