DreamMail Download free for Windows 11/10/8/7 32bit – 64bit

DreamMail Download free for Windows 111087 32bit - 64bit

DreamMail Download free for Windows 11/10/8/7 32bit – 64bit

DreamMail Download free for Windows 11/10/8/7 32bit – 64bit. Managing email for business and individual use certainly has its own special challenges, where you have to use multiple email accounts as part of your job.

Email Marketing for example, which until now still exists is used because it has a big impact, to form a harmonious bond between consumers and producers.

However, did you know that now you can easily send emails using special templates, determine delivery plans, create meeting emails, and other business needs by only using special application services?

DreamMail is a free application, which offers advantages as an application that can send emails with full configuration. DreamMail gives you a faster and more effective experience for sending emails or emails.

You can use this application to send email according to the schedule you set, the email will automatically be sent at the time you have set. Interesting right? More than that, DreamMail shares many interesting features that we want to discuss in this post.

DreamMail Features and Advantages

  1. Multi-account & Multi-user
  2. Template and signature management
  3. Antispam filter, scan every malicious file
  4. Miscellaneous protocol management
  5. Message rules
  6. Multiple deliveries
  7. Data compression

More than that, DreamMail is an Email Client application. By using this DreamMail service, you can log in using several different accounts, so you can manage multiple email accounts on one platform.

Very effective right? So, you don’t need to open multiple tabs in your browser, to be able to connect and send emails to other users. Very suitable for you business players, so you don’t get stuck using industrial email.

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The email protocol used by DreamMail is also quite a lot, including supporting the protocols from Yahoo and Hotmail. Well, for those of you who want to use the DreamMail service, here we summarize some of the interesting advantages of DreamMail, including the following:

  1. Support Protocol
    DreamMail is an Email Client that you can use to log in to a different account, easily DreamMail allows you to log in using Multi-Accounts at the same time. DreamMail also supports several protocols, such as Yahoo, Hotmail, SMTP, ESMPT, and Pop 3.
  2. Remote Email
    Control your email from a great distance, only by using the internet network. If Teamviewer can manage the computer remotely, then DreamMail can easily access your email that is logged in a different feature.
  3. Search Engine
    Looking for meaningful email? Find it easily just by using the Search Bar feature. DreamMail will automatically fill in the content according to the keywords you entered.

You can also easily filter annoying spam emails, by using the DreamMail service you can block and delete annoying spam emails and ads.

DreamMail Download free for Windows 11/10/8/7 32bit – 64bit, DreamMail is an interesting application that is very useful for those of you who use email every day. By using DreamMail, you can log in using multiple email accounts and control email remotely. Now if you want to use this application, please use the download link that we have presented below.

DreamMail Download free for Windows 11/10/8/7 32bit – 64bit


License: Free – Freeware
Publisher:DMPro Team
OS:Windows 11/10/8/7/V/XP
PC Type:32-bit, 64-bit x86_x64