Function of Processor In Computer And Its Meaning

Function of Processor In Computer And Its Meaning. The processor is one of the most important components of a computer circuit. Without this one tool the computer will not run, in other words, it will not be useful because the processor is the brain of the computer.

To find out more about the meaning and function of a computer processor. Then we will explain a little of the many explanations that we get from various parties

Function of Processor In Computer And Its Meaning

Function of Processor In Computer And Its Meaning

Understanding Processor (Processor)

Generally, the understanding of the processor or often called the brain of the computer. Specifically, the processor is an IC that controls the entire course of a computer system and is used as a center or brain with the function of performing calculations and carrying out tasks.

The location of this processor is on the motherboard, so when choosing a motherboard it must be adjusted to the type of socket of the processor. For example, for an Intel processor with an LGA socket, look for a motherboard with an LGA socket as well and an AMD processor with an AM3+ so it must be adjusted as well.

But there is the most important thing that is always forgotten, namely the TDP value of the processor must match the motherboard as I have discussed in the tips for making an assembled computer.

Processors are also often called “Microprocessors”. The most important parts of the processor are:

  • Arithmetic Logical Unit (ALU): Performs all arithmetic (mathematical) calculations that occur according to program instructions.
  • Control Unit (CU): Regulating data traffic such as input and output.
  • Memory Unit (MU): A small storage device that has a fairly high access speed.
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Processor Function (processor)

In general, the function of the processor (processor) is only to process data received from input or input, then it will produce output in the form of output.

The processor cannot work alone but requires support and is constantly in touch with other components, especially the hard drive and RAM. In processing, data can be done with fast or slow processing time depending on the speed of the processor.

For example, the highest processor speed is at a speed of 4 Gigahertz (GHz). This means that it can read 4000 billion commands in one go, which is a fantastic number in the development of technology in the world.

For gamers, you must be familiar with the term, “greater processor, greater gaming experience”, because a game is definitely very influential on the processor capacity of a computer.

In terms of developers or companies specifically producing processors, there are 2 well-known companies, namely Intel and AMD. From these 2 companies, many have flooded the processor market. The products of both certainly have advantages and disadvantages of each.

Some say that endurance for hours or days of use Intel is more reliable, while for gamers AMD is the choice because it is better at processing graphics.

Function of Processor In Computer And Its Meaning. Regardless of all that, whether it’s AMD or Intel, depending on the user of the computer. For example, in what scope do you work? then adjust your needs with the processor you will use.