GreenShot Free Download for Windows

GreenShot Free Download for Windows
GreenShot Free Download for Windows

GreenShot Free Download for Windows, Screenshots are the easiest thing to do both on cellphones and on Windows PCs. Usually when a user wants to take a screenshot to save a photo. Whether it’s from social media or from other things without having to download it, send chat content to other people. Show the screen panel or give an example with a direct image so that it is quickly understood.

Usually, screenshots are more often done by smartphone users, but not infrequently people also use them on PCs/laptops to capture important information. Or there are things that must be kept for proof of payment, for example.

Screenshot app for Windows

Actually, a special button for screenshots on a Windows PC or laptop is available, namely the prt sc SysRq button. For laptop or computer users, you must already know this button. However, there is nothing wrong if you use a screenshot application to get better results, or you can add something to it such as writing and so on. Therefore, here I will provide a review of the Screenshot application called Greenshot.

Download Greenshot Free

The application that we are discussing this time called Greenshot is open source and free software for devices that use the Microsoft Windows operating system. In addition, for those of you Mac users, don’t be discouraged, because this application is also available for macOS, but as proprietary software in the Application Store.

This application is also easy to use, with an interface that is easy to understand and can be used immediately without having to study too deep. I mean here not without having to learn yes.

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Grenshot comes with a very satisfying, which is equipped with a variety of interesting features. In addition to the standard features of it such as scrolling. This is usually to capture (screenshot) a page or an incorrect website in Internet Explorer or in a long web browser). Apart from that, there are also options for uploading and exporting, annotating, and a few other things.

GreenShot Free Download for Windows. To get screenshots in different shapes like an ellipse for example. You can use the editor tool on the left side, choose according to what you like. For more details, please download and install this screenshot application on your device. Press the download button to get the installation file. Thank you, I hope this is the article you are looking for.

GreenShot Free Download for Windows