Hardware Definition, Examples, Functions & Type Hardware

Hardware Definition, Examples, Functions & Type Hardware

Hardware Definition, Examples, Functions & Type Hardware. In this article, we will discuss Hardware, for example, its functions and also the types of hardware that we have often seen, even some of us have used it.

For those of you who use computers, you must have seen that on a computer device there are several components that work to support each other. These components are known as hardware or. Each computer is designed with its own hardware specifications.

Therefore, the performance, speed, and advantages of each computer are different. The higher the hardware specifications, the better the performance. The performance of each device also depends on the brand, so for those of you who want to buy hardware, you should pay attention to the brand.

Understanding Hardware

If software or software is not physical, then hardware or hardware has the opposite meaning. Because hardware is physical, so it can be seen, touched, and known for its shape. The existence of hardware on a computer is of course very vital. Each piece of hardware has its own function.

That way, each hardware can not stand alone. So a set of computers must consist of several hardware devices, such as motherboards, hard drives, memory cards, CPUs, and so on.

All these components support each other, so the computer can operate. Then all the hardware components require software so that the computer can be turned on and functioned. To find out more about the software, please click the link below.

Software Definition, Functions, Examples & Various of Software

Hardware Functions

There are at least five kinds of hardware on a computer device. This type of hardware functions as a support for electrical voltage, storage, output, process, and input.

All types of hardware will be connected in an integrated system. So that it can be used for data input, processing, and output.

Hardware performance is largely determined by its specifications. The higher the performance, the better. For that, you can adjust the specifications of the computer according to the needs in its use. So that you can get maximum performance for activities.

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In comparison, suppose you want to buy a computer for work, typing, for example, to store videos, photos, or other light files. So it is not necessary to have a computer with high specifications. Because it does not require extra work from the hardware.

It is different if computer users perform activities such as playing heavy games, designers, editors or use computers for server purposes. They need high computer specifications because every activity they do will consume a lot of hardware power.

Kinds of Hardware

  1. Input hardware.
    Its function is to input or enter data in computer memory. The keyboard is the main hardware for this function.As for the supporting devices, they are mouse and scanner, and I’m sure you are familiar with those names.
  2. Hardware for data processing.
    This hardware has a function in data processing or to execute commands when data is entered.The main components of this hardware are CPU (Central Processing Unit), sound card (sound card), VGA, and motherboard.
  3. Output hardware.
    This type of hardware has a function as a data viewer or outputs data that has been processed previously.Monitor and speakers are the main devices for this function. Supporting components such as printers, projectors, and so on.
  4. Hardware for storage.
    The function of this hardware is to store data from the user. There are two computer hardware for this function, namely RAM (for volatile storage), and hard disk (for internal non-volatile storage media).There is also Read-Only Memory (ROM) as a storage medium with non-volatile properties. So the data will not be lost when the power goes out. As the name implies, it is read-only. ROM is generally used as firmware or BIOS chip.
  5. Electrical hardware.
    In order for a computer to operate, it certainly requires a supply of electrical energy. The existence of this hardware serves to stabilize the voltage or electric power that flows in computer devices.Hardware such as Power Supply is useful for managing the electrical system for each hardware. Not only that but usually the computer is also connected to a stavolt or voltage stabilizer. Its function is to stabilize electrical power before it is managed by the Power Supply.Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) can also be added to the computer. Its purpose is as hardware for electrical power backup. So that when the power goes out, the computer device can still live for some time. Installation of a UPS is very important so that the computer does not suddenly turn off when the power is cut off. That way, while preventing the risk of hardware damage from the computer.
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Hardware Example

There are many examples of hardware to support computer performance. So that your computer’s performance is faster, comfortable when multitasking or opening several software at once, not easy to heat, and so on. So you have to be careful in choosing the hardware specifications. The following are some examples of commonly used software.

  1. Keyboards.
    This hardware is composed of many buttons, making it easier for you when operating the computer. Data input is strongly supported by the presence of this hardware. you can use the keyboard wired or wireless.
  2. Mouse.
    This supporting hardware is used as data input, which can control the cursor, click and scroll functions. you can also use a mouse with a cable and a wireless one.
  3. Scanners.
    This hardware works like a photocopier. So it can scan data in the form of text on books, photos, and so on. So it can create softcopy or files from various media.
  4. CPU (Central Processing Unit) or Processor.
    This hardware is the brain of the computer. So that all processes that take place on a computer set are controlled by the processor. The more sophisticated the processor, the better the performance of the computer.
  5. Motherboards.
    This hardware is a circuit board that connects all the hardware on a computer device. To support its performance, the motherboard is equipped with a BIOS chip (Basic Input Output System).
  6. Video Graphic Array or VGA.
    The task of this hardware is to process data visualization in the form of graphics. The development of this hardware is very rapid, in order to support the graphic design industry, games, and multimedia.
  7. Soundcards.
    This sound card functions in processing data with the sound format. This hardware is useful when the computer makes a sound or performs sound recording.
  8. Monitors.
    This output media is useful in displaying the results of the graphics data process supported by VGA.
  9. Speaker.
    This device serves to produce sound, which is the result of processing from the sound card.
  10. Printers.
    This hardware is useful for printing work on a computer. Paper is usually the media commonly used. Currently, there are also products that combine all three functions on a printer. So this device can print, photocopy and scan. Maybe some users don’t need a printer.
  11. Projector.
    This also includes hardware used by only some groups. Usually, this device is used as a support for presentations, teaching and learning processes, or watching movies. you just have to connect to the computer and shoot the projector light on the appropriate media.
  12. RAM (Random Access Memory) and ROM (Read Only Memory).
    RAM is the medium for storing data when it is processed by the processor. While ROM is a storage medium that is read-only.
  13. Hard disk.
    This hardware is composed of disks as storage media for the operating system, software and computer usage data.
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Hardware Definition, Examples, Functions & Type Hardware. Until here we write about important information related to the hardware on the computer. We suggest that you understand well the types and functions, then you can choose the computer equipment according to your wishes or activities. The price of each computer also varies, it all depends on the hardware specifications.

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