How to Overcome Unfortunately the App Has Stopped Exactly

How to Overcome Unfortunately the App Has Stopped Exactly

How to Overcome Unfortunately the App Has Stopped Exactly. Have you ever received a message like that on the Android operating system screen, something like this notification “Unfortunately, the application has stopped”? There are several causes for this message to appear, it can be due to damage when running the application or when setting up the cellphone in English a notification “Unfortunately has stopped”.

Then below it will see two command buttons, namely the Wait button and Force Stop. To be wiser in responding to the response, that is, by pressing the Force Stop option button.

Because most of us have probably experienced this, even if the button we are going to press is a button such as Wait. We will not know how long the program system will continue to stop.

Here we have another method for how to deal with unfortunately the application has stopped, more precisely as an attitude or action to anticipate the possibility of an application crash. Because it will be a loss if for example the data file that we type has not been saved, or when we are playing the game suddenly the application exits forcibly, it will definitely ruin the moment in our game.

For how to solve the problem that we are discussing, we have embraced it in the article that we will discuss below, please read further.

Causes of Application Crash (Forced Stop)

Actually, what makes the application on our Android cellphone crash and suddenly come out like this? It’s important for you to know because some of the causes below can be anticipated and more to take a caring attitude towards the internals of the cellphone according to the capabilities of each spec.

  1. Full RAM Memory.
    RAM is a component that is needed to run an application.The nature of this hardware component is to store memory temporarily when needed, such as when opening and running an application.If there are too many multitask commands, the RAM can be full and force it to automatically stop the program if it is heavy enough.
  2. Cache Files Piling.
    For users who rarely clean junk files such as cache, of course, if left for a long period of time, it will eventually accumulate and make the application’s data memory storage full.The cache does have to be cleaned frequently, the advantage in addition to avoiding application crashes is that it can also make navigation speed smooth.
  3. System OS Not Updating
    Sometimes the old OS system can be the cause why the application crashes often.Nowadays, the development that is done in making application program systems is very sophisticated.If it is not balanced with the latest OS device updates, there must be parts of the system that are not compatible with the command line. In addition, updates can also clean bugs.
  4. Bugs.
    The bug can be said to be a 100% unfinished development solution, if the system is not perfected, the smartphone’s internals will also stay with the previous version’s bugs. How to get rid of it can be by updating the Android system.
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How to Overcome Unfortunately the App Has Stopped Exactly

It’s time for us to get into the discussion on how to deal with it unfortunately the application has stopped, below have provided some important points, and please try to apply them one by one that can solve problems on Android.

  1. Update Applications That Often Crash.
    Pay attention to the age of the version of the application that crashes when you use it, please check the Playstore service if it’s time to update, tap the update button to update.Because in this way the developer can provide an enhanced version of the service including avoiding system crashes.
  2. Clear Cache And App Data.
    Draining the storage files of an application is intended to remove the remaining useful trash or viruses that are left behind
  3. Reinstall the App.
    If the update method still doesn’t provide a solution, try uninstalling the application, then opening the Playstore and looking for the software to reinstall it.The goal is that the data stored in the HP is replaced by a new data program.
  4. Stop Apps Running in the Background.
    Without realizing it, we have activated many applications running in the background. Actions like this actually make the RAM capacity in the cellphone more full. To reduce it.
  5. Use Custom ROM.
    Try installing a custom ROM to lighten HP’s internal performance and be compatible with applications that have advanced development specs like today.
  6. Upgrade Android OSDownload And Install Update.
    Each type of HP Android system has provided access for devices to easily get updated data files. All you have to do is go into the HP settings, then scroll and press About HP. And finally, select the Update button.
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How to Overcome Unfortunately the App Has Stopped Exactly, Actually, there is still one way to overcome unfortunately the application has stopped on Android, namely by resetting the factory aka restoring the set factory start. If this is the last option, what can I do, but first try all the methods I have written above.

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