Instagram Starts Launching Paid Subscriptions Feature

Instagram Starts Launching Paid Subscriptions Feature

Instagram Starts Launching Paid Subscriptions Feature

Instagram Starts Launching Paid Subscriptions Feature. In November last year, Instagram was seen working on a new Paid Subscription feature. The feature has now begun rolling out to content creators in the United States, as part of an early testing program.

Meta plans to expand the availability of this feature to more content creators over the next few months if all goes well.

The Paid Subscriptions feature will work similarly to the Super Follows feature on Twitter. Content Creators may charge their fans or followers for exclusively created content.

This can be anything from a special live broadcast, to an exclusive story, which will later be marked with a purple ring.

In addition, those who have paid will be able to get a special purple badge that will distinguish them from other followers with regular status in the comments and messages. This will allow content creators to identify those who are paying followers.

If we talk about costs and prices, Instagram offers several options for those of us who subscribe to up to eight levels, ranging from $ 0.99 (Rp. 14 thousand) to $ 99.99 (Rp. 1.4 million) per month. This fee option will allow content creators to set a monthly fee that they feel is appropriate for the content they will share.

We as users can subscribe to each of their favorite content creators through the ‘Subscribe’ button, you can find this button on their respective profile pages. For payment, transactions can be made through in-app purchases for both Android and iOS applications.

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Instagram doesn’t currently plan to take any commission from content creators’ Paid Subscriptions revenue, at least until 2023.

“Our main goal here is to help content creators to earn income and earn a living. We’re trying to think of all the ways we can build a monetization product if that’s possible,” said Ashley Yuki, deputy head of production for Instagram.

In its current form, the Subscriptions feature on Instagram doesn’t offer any analytics dashboard for content creators. The company also does not allow content creators to export their subscriber lists or similar data. However, they can see the total number of subscribers, new customers, cancellations, and total revenue from the settings page.

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Instagram Starts Launching Paid Subscriptions Feature