LogMeIn Hamachi Download for Windows, Mac, Linux

LogMeIn Hamachi Download for Windows, Mac, LinuxLogMeIn Hamachiis software whose function is concerned with virtual network services or virtual private networks. For those of you computer workers who often struggle with computer networks, maybe you can immediately understand what a virtual private network is.

Virtual Private Networks or commonly abbreviated and known as VPNs can usually expand private or local networks so that it can make it easier for users to send and/or receive data between local or public networks as if their computer was connected to a local network even though it was not.

Maybe it can be implemented because the distance between these two computers is so far apart that it is not possible for these two computers to be connected to a LAN or local network.

LogMeIn Hamachi Latest Version

LogMeIn Hamachi Latest Version provides 3 types of networks as a form of variation in the services provided by this software, just in case users have many meetings or events, so users can easily choose them according to their wishes and needs. The 3 types of networks include:

1. Mesh Networks.

In a mesh network, each member can and has been connected to other members. Organizations that do not have a physical LAN network seem to be able to consider this type of network when setting up a virtual corporate LAN network.

2. Hub and Spoke Networks.

In the Hub and Spoke network type, one or more computers here act as a Hub, but each computer that functions as a hub cannot depend on one another. Hub and Spoke is usually used when the workstation requires a connection to the server.

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3. Gateway Networks.

You can use Gateway Networks to provide transparency to all members in your network originating from Hamachi’s centralized gateway. This network type is actually a hybrid type or a mixture of the two previous types, the Mesh network type, and the hub and spoke network type.

Although it looks so good, this type of network also has a few restrictions, such as the gateway cannot be a member of another network. Members can join more than one gateway network, but can only be online on one network at a time. Finally, the gateway cannot be a workstation.

LogMeIn Hamachi Download for Windows, Mac, Linux. It self is a virtual private network application that is able to establish a direct connection behind a NAT firewall without any need for reconfiguration. Each Hamachi client has one virtual IPv4 (IP) address in the 25.x.x.x range and one IPv6 (IP) address. You can download the latest version for free at the link below:

LogMeIn Hamachi Download for Windows, Mac, Linux


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