Maxthon Browser Download for Windows 10, 8, 7


Maxthon Browser Download for Windows 10, 8, 7, is an application or software that is used to perform browsing activities on the internet. In the current era of technology, the use of technological tools such as computers has become a must. Especially if the use of computers is then combined with the internet.

The use of a computer is then like you who sailed the ocean by driving a ship and you as the captain. In exploring this internet ocean, of course, you will need a tool to navigate it. One of them is an application that is usually called a browser. So many outstanding and mainstream browser applications, but have you ever tried the Maxthon browser.

Maxthon Browser Uses

Maxthon browser is a browser application or web browser created and developed by a developer company or software developer named Maxthon. With headquarters based in Beijing, China, Maxthon then released a web browser application with the same name as his company, Maxthon Browser in 2005.

As a browser application or web browser, the Maxthon browser also does not lag behind its competitors. This application also carries several interesting features that are certainly expected to compete with other mainstream browser applications. The first feature is the Cloud Sync feature. Maxthon Browser was originally a mobile browser that was only available on smartphones.

But over time, Maxthon then spread its wings by developing browsers for PCs, Tabs, and so on. With this Cloud Sync feature, you can synchronize browser data from history, bookmarks, and others by just logging in to Maxthon, of course, you have to register and create an account first.

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The next feature is Ad Blocker. With this application, you can block annoying ads and pop-ups that are often found on blogs or sites you visit. Besides being annoying, often this can also be dangerous. Because often these pop-ups also contain adware that is harmful to your computer. With an Adblocker, besides being more secure, you will also get a faster and more excellent browser performance.

Another feature is the Resource Sniffer. With this feature, you can watch videos on hosting sites such as YouTube, Facebook, or other sites and simultaneously download or download them. Maxthon Browser allows you to directly download it from the browser application directly without having to exit the browser first.

Maxthon Browser Download Windows for private browsing

Another advantage of Maxthon Browser is the Incognito Mode feature. With this feature, it is possible for you to carry out the browsing process without being noticed by Maxthon itself. Your browsing history will not be recorded by this application.

Maxthon Browser Download for Windows, In addition, there is also a Magic Fills feature. With this feature, Maxthon Browser will help you to automatically fill in some personal information such as name, company, address, and so on. Download the latest and free Maxthon Browser via the link below:

Maxthon Browser Download for Windows 10, 8, 7