Messenger for PC Download Latest Version for Windows 10, 8, 7

Messenger for PC Download Latest Version for Windows 10, 8, 7

Messenger for PC Download Latest Version for Windows 10, 8, 7. Based on its name, Messenger for PC (personal computer), it is certain that this application has similarities with the Messenger that we use on Android devices. The similarities can be from the features it has, the advantages, and all that is contained in Facebook Messenger.

Here the difference is that this application can run on PC platforms such as Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. This application became famous in 2015 but until now it continues to be updated and is always being improved. So it can be concluded that this messaging app is still new compared to other messaging software.

Actually, the Facebook Messenger For PC application is not an official application made by the Facebook Team but is made by a developer whose reliability is no longer in doubt. The developer I mean is Alexandru Rosianu, a software developer from Europe.

Even on Github Alexandru Rosianu has received more than 1000 Stars for his application. Judging from his rating, he is a very famous person in his field.

Messenger for PC Features:

Messenger for Desktop brings Facebook Messenger which you usually run on Android, now you can use it on your computer. You can see the features below.

  1. Users can connect with acquaintances or friends in several ways, such as, sending messages to each other, whether its voice messages, videos, pictures, writing, can make calls while looking at the face and others.
  2. Apart from having conversations via Facebook, this messenger also supports conversations with other software such as Instagram, Portal, and Oculus.
  3. For those of you who like to watch videos, be it films or other videos, in this application, we can watch together with acquaintances. You do this by making video calls.
  4. Animated effects for every message you send, edit your photos to make them look better, before sending them to others.
  5. Set the chat display, to make it look more interesting and not boring with that theme alone.
  6. If you don’t want other people to open conversations that have been done, then Messenger provides an application lock with fingerprint or facial recognition.
  7. For messenger users who often make financial transactions, just add a paypal account or debit card to this application. The security is certain.
  8. In addition, we can also forward messages received to be sent to other people. Just like WhatsApp and others.
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Messenger for PC Download Latest Version for Windows 10, 8, 7

This application offers Chat with Facebook Friends, Family, School friends, Teachers, and all your contacts. So later you can open Facebook chat without opening a browser.

With this application, you can also create group chats (groups) such as if you have group assignments or project groups. We can also directly use Video Calls in high quality, there is another Voice note feature that is no less important. In this case, we can send messages with stickers or emoticons available in this application.

You can also of course send files using this application, such as documents, photos/images, videos, and others. This application is clean and tidy even almost the same as Messenger for smartphones. We can also change the theme here, there are several themes, namely White, Dark, and Mosaic.

Advantages Messenger PC:

  • Free
  • Support Video Call and Voice Call
  • Several Themes available
  • Also available on Mac and Linux

Messenger for PC Download Latest Version for Windows 10, 8, 7