MultiBootUSB Download Free for Windows 10, 7, 8 (64 bit / 32)

MultiBootUSB Download Free for Windows
MultiBootUSB Download Free for Windows
MultiBootUSB Download Free for Windows 10, 7, 8 (64 bit / 32). MultiBootUSB is Software with Open Source Code (Open Source) or you can say Free Software (Free Software) that helps you to make Multi-Bootable USB, useful for those of you who don’t want to bother formatting the Flash Disk repeatedly, like when using Rufus to create a Bootable USB.

Reasons to Choose MultiBootUSB

This MultiBootUSB application has a Boot emulation feature from USB or ISO which is very useful to check whether this Bootable USB has been successful or not, and try the ISO file before finally adding it to your Flash Disk.
This application also supports many GNU/Linux distributions and Bootable Images in circulation, as well as how it works that is not like that. The way these software works is to extract the ISO file first, then create a Boot Menu.
This depends on what type of image it is, if it is a memdisk, then the software will copy the ISO file into a flash disk. Meanwhile, if the ISO file type is in the name of a GNU/Linux distribution, such as debian, ubuntu, and others, it will extract the ISO file first, then create a Boot Menu.
In addition to what we mentioned above, MultiBootUSB is also a Cross-Platform. This means you can use the software as long as Python3 is installed on the operating system you are using. Because this software is made in the Python programming language. Unlike other applications, which must use WINE to be run by GNU / Linux distributions.
However, the Operating System Platforms I might recommend are Windows and GNU/Linux Distros, as they provide it for those two Platforms only. There, there is also an easy installer, especially for the Windows Operating System, and several GNU/Linux distributions such as Debian (or Ubuntu and its derivatives that use the DEB package), Fedora (RPM), OpenSUSE (RPM), and Mageia (RPM).

Features of MultiBootUSB

  1. Can create a Multi-Bootable USB easily, without having to delete all your data.
  2. Supports making Bootable USB for Computers/Laptops with UEFI* or Legacy Firmware.
  3. Can create a Bootable USB by Writing a Bootable Image to a Flash Disk, as is the case with the dd command in GNU/Linux or ‘DD Image’ Mode in Rufus.
  4. Can create ‘Persistent Storage’ before creating a Bootable USB so you can save the changes you make in the Live USB. (Only supports Bootable Image of certain GNU/Linux Distros, such as Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, and Derivatives)
  5. Can remove installed Bootable easily, if your Flash Disk or External Device is not enough space.
  6. Supports several GNU/Linux distributions, Rescue Disk, or several other Bootable Images, such as WinPE-based Bootable Images to create Multi-Bootable USB.
  7. Can emulate Boot with ISO files or with USB, so we can test it, with a maximum RAM limit of 2 GB (2048 MB) and a minimum RAM of 256 MB. This emulation is done with the help of QEMU.
  8. Can install (again) or edit Syslinux in your Bootable USB, if necessary.
  9. Cross-Platform, because this software is made using the Python programming language, which is famous for being able to be used by cross-platform.
  10. The easy installer, and available for Windows Platform and GNU/Linux Distros, especially for Debian/Ubuntu.
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MultiBootUSB Download Free for Windows. This Software is Free Software/Open Source Code, with the GNU GPL v2.0 License. You can see the source code through the Github Repository.
Most importantly, you can use it for free.
If you have read all the reviews we have provided above and want to use this application. Then use the download button below to get the installation file MultiBootUSB for Windows.

MultiBootUSB Download Free for Windows 10, 7, 8 (64 bit / 32)