Nitro Pdf Reader Free Download For Windows

Nitro Pdf Reader Free Download For WindowsNitro Pdf Reader Free Download For Windows. Nitro PDF is an application that has the main function of managing PDF files. It’s just that many of us users use this application to easily open a PDF file. Because with this application you can immediately open several files at once in a tab at the top menu. We as users can move easily and quickly to PDF files with one another, of course, we have opened them all into this software.

If we want to compare, for example, when opening a file in Ms. Word. Where users have to wait for the opening process to be longer, and it takes up a lot of application slots to open several files at once. And of course, it will eat up the RAM memory of our windows device more. That’s all comparisons with opening all the files we want in one application. Like opening a pdf file with multiple tabs separately in Nitro PDF.

Apart from that, with a simple UI, making us users, there is no need to be confused about using the following applications. This pdf reader application also offers several other functions such as.

  • Creation of PDF files from certain file types
  • Editing existing PDF files
  • Or maybe Optimize the PDF file you want to send
  • And many more.

You not only from document files, but you can easily convert it into PDF format through several images. Does the picture contain writing or explanation easily too? Or maybe, we can also easily add the image to an existing PDF file via the insert feature.

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Nitro PDF Feature:

  • Opening PDF Files
  • Insert Text Easily
  • QuickSign feature
  • Combination Files
  • To Word or Excel
  • Has OCR Feature
So, until there, it all depends on your choice, whether you choose this application as a pdf file opener in windows. But what you should know, this application is free to download, but it is not free to use. In short, the license of the Nitro Pdf Reader Free Download app is a trial (free for use for a certain time). To be able to use the entirety of this application you have to pay for it. If you want to buy the license, click here to enter the official website

Nitro Pdf Reader Free Download For Windows