Norton Antivirus Free Download for Windows

Norton Antivirus Free Download for WindowsNorton Antivirus Free Download for Windows, Computers can last a long time, if used properly and access the internet properly. Frequent internet access allows many viruses to enter a computer or laptop and viruses that enter can be of various types. If left unchecked, viruses can damage the computer’s work system and can damage software and hardware.

To be able to prevent your computer from damaging viruses, there are many ways you can do and the most appropriate step is to install an antivirus. The choice of antivirus types is very large, so many antiviruses are provided for free and can be downloaded on various sites. Norton antivirus is a highly recommended antivirus product for use on computers.

History of Norton Antivirus

This software is an antivirus or anti-malware product. That has been developed since 1991 by Symantec Corporation and Norton antivirus is a computer security product that continues to be developed from time to time. Norton not only produces products to detect viruses, but also creates features that can prevent email spam.

Norton internet security has also become a computer security company. That has managed to compete with other companies and gain a sizable user market. This aplication was created for personal or corporate users because this antivirus is also effective for use on a large scale. The popularity of Norton antivirus has also reached Indonesia, this can be seen from the number of users who are increasing from year to year.

Now Norton Antivirus can be run on Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux. Norton antivirus versions 2010 to 2012 have supported use on windows 7 and their use does not require updating or updating. Norton antivirus version 2012 is a highly compatible version for Mac Os and until 2020, Norton antivirus continues to undergo various developments.

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Advantages of Norton Antivirus

1. Quick Scan

The antivirus installed to secure the computer system will work by doing a scan. Norton antivirus is an antivirus that can scan for viruses very quickly and scan very carefully so that all types of viruses can be detected. This antivirus is also effective for dealing with various types of malware that can attack computers.

2. Multiple Versions

All companies that launch antivirus products, must create products. That have an advantage and are presented with added value to distinguish them from other antiviruses. Norton antivirus has created a product with various versions and each version has its own advantages. The number of versions makes the choice of antivirus versions for users to be abundant.

3. Periodic Updates

Norton antivirus is presented with fast or periodic update times so that antivirus performance can run stably. Antivirus that is rarely or never updated will be slow and will not detect viruses or malware effectively. Computer users who install Norton antivirus do not need to worry about not updating the antivirus. Because the automatic update feature can also be selected.

5. LAN Guard feature

Norton antivirus has a LAN guard feature that can perform a quick scan of the data to be shared. So that the data will be free from various types of viruses. This antivirus also has a very effective auto-protect technology feature to prevent malware from entering. By using Norton antivirus, the internet activities carried out by users become more secure and comfortable.

Norton Antivirus Free Download for Windows. If you have read our article and decided to use this antivirus application on your Windows device. Then please click the download button to get the installation file. You have to remember, that this is only the trial version.

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Norton Antivirus Free Download for Windows

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