OBS Studio Free Download for Windows

OBS Studio Free Download for Windows – How to record PC screens (laptops and computers) using an application, usually there will be lag, right? Yup, I also experienced the same thing as what you experienced.

At this time I will share my interesting experience in looking for software to record desktop screens so that it doesn’t lag when used in-game recording, tutorials, and for streaming YouTube.

My experience using obs is very interesting because before I used bandicam software, but this software has quite severe weaknesses.

From there, I immediately looked for information about how to record the desktop screen, what to use so that the recording didn’t lag and the windows operation didn’t run smoothly.

OBS is really amazing, because in this application it can be used for our streaming purposes on youtube.

So YouTube content creators often use this application to record their PC screens.

In terms of appearance, obs is indeed much simpler than other recording software. Why Should You Choose OBS for Screen Recording?

  1. Easy to use when recording
  2. The size of the software that saves on storage
  3. Consumes a little RAM.
  4. The lightest software when used
  5. The simple display makes it easy for novice content creators to use it.
  6. Can choose what format to use when recording
  7. Can include audio simultaneously while recording
  8. Has the main feature of screen recording as well as recording our faces using the front camera of the laptop
  9. Free software without crack and product key
  10. Please try it yourself

I suggest when choosing what software to use when recording is OBS Studio because you can feel how easy it is to set up this application.

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With its simple features, all people, both beginners and experts, can use it when they want to create YouTube content.

OBS Studio Features

  1. There is a scene for video processing
  2. Source video
  3. Mixer record to monitor video and audio
  4. Has scene transitions to adjust the movement from one scene to another
  5. The control feature is used to control when to start recording
  6. There is a choice of format for the output
  7. Can choose any type of video format, for example mp4, mov and so on
  8. Can be used as a streaming tool or live broadcast on YouTube
  9. Qualified video and audio processing
  10. Can be used to record screen while gaming

OBS Studio Free Download

All features are complete for sure. If it’s incomplete, you can feel it yourself by downloading the obs via the following link.

That’s my short review about the obs studio review, suitable for use as a screen recording tool. So of course you can do it to help create your YouTube content. That is all and thank you.

OBS Studio Free Download for Windows