Operating System Definition, Functions and Types

Operating System Definition, Functions and Types

Operating System Definition, Functions and Types, The operating system is SOFTWARE whose job is to manage all the resources in the computer (hardware and software). The goal is to be able to work according to the commands given by the user.

Operating System Functions

For more details about computer operating systems, you can read reviews about operating system functions so that you can get to know more about computer systems.

  1. Performing Basic Operations.
    The operating system performs the basic functions of the computer, it regulates how memory is used, data processing, data storage, and other basic computer functions.
  2. Setting Hardware.
    Hardware is hardware that is connected to a computer such as speakers, CPU, mouse, and so on. SO is in charge of managing the work of computer hardware (resource manager). Connect hardware with software so that it can work properly.
  3. Manage Various Applications.
    All applications on the computer are stored in storage memory. However, you need to know that all these applications are in an operating system and if there is no computer OS then you will not be able to run these applications.
  4. To Present a View.
    The task of the computer OS is to facilitate the use of applications because these applications can be displayed on the computer monitor screen or the main page when you just turn on the computer.In addition, the operating system has the task of translating programming languages ​​originating from the CPU which will be displayed in the form of graphics, text, and other types of displays that are easy to read by users. Also, it has a function as an interface between the user and the hardware or hardware used.
  5. For Coordination of Computer Devices.
    Another function of the computer operating system is to be able to coordinate all things in the computer in terms of compiling programs that have complex properties to be more simple and sequential. In other words, providing advantages in helping the user’s work more practical and efficient.
  6. For Optimal Computer Function.
    Providing work optimization on hardware and software or software is the next function of the operating system. Some things that can be run include giving CPU time to run, calling files that have been stored on the hard disk.
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Operating Systems Types

There are various kinds of operating systems and also fractions of these operating systems, the following are the various types of operating systems in tabular form and a brief explanation.

Operating System Android

The Android Operating System is a Linux-based OS designed for use on touch-screen mobile devices such as smartphones or tablet computers.

Android SO was originally developed by Android, Inc. with funding from Google. In the end, Google bought it in 2005. Then it was released in 2007.


  1.  It is open source
  2. Supported by abundant apps from the Google play store
  3. Multitasking
  4. Support USB Mass Storage

Android OS version tiers

If you want to know the continuation of this android os version, visitors can access the link below.

Android Version List Full

Operating System Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows is an operating system developed by Microsoft using a graphical user interface or GUI that allows users to interact with computers using a visual display that is very user-friendly.

This OS has evolved from MS-DOS, a text-based software that uses the command line.

Windows version 1.0 was first introduced on November 10, 1983, but was only marketed in November 1985.

In 2015, approximately five years ago Windows released the Windows 10 operating system. Which was introduced on July 29, 2015.

Until now, Windows has released various operating systems and the last one is Windows 11 which was introduced on June 24, 2021.

The Windows 11 developer stated that the update rollout plan is currently being finalized and said the schedule will start at the end of 2021 and continue in the future until 2022. The specific time will vary (varies) depending on or by the device.

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Operating System Linux

Linux Operating System was introduced by Linus Torvalds in 1991. Linux is a type of open-source operating system where Linux can be modified, used, and also redistributed freely by anyone.

In general, Linux users install and configure their own system configuration. Users of this operating system are mostly people who understand technology compared to Windows or Mac OS users who are mostly unfamiliar with computer systems.

Linux is sometimes identified with hackers or geeks. But along with the development of Linux, that assumption has changed a little. Linux has several types or distributions including:

  1. Ubuntu
  2. Fedora
  3. Backtrack
  4. Mandriva
  5. Slackware
  6. Debian
  7. CentOS
  8. Red Hat etc

Operating System Mac OS

This is an operating system output from the giant company Apple. This type has also been installed on a Macintosh computer or also known as a Mac

This Operating System has a new operating system version called OS X. As well as several versions that have been released including the Lion 2011, Mountain Lion 2012 version, Mavericks 2013, Yosemite 2014, El Capitan which was released in 2015.

Users of this operating system are indeed relatively lower than Windows users, this is because the price of apple computer products is quite expensive.

Operating System Windows Phone (WP)

The Windows Phone Operating System is a mobile operating system developed by Microsoft and is a replacement for the Windows Mobile platform. it was launched in October 2010 globally and only launched in Asia in early 2011.

The Windows Phone operating system is the main OS on Nokia phones. After previously the CEO of Microsoft and CEO of Nokia announced the collaboration. It is projected to replace the Symbian Operating System which is usually found on mobile phones.

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Operating System Definition, Functions and Types

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