ReaConverter Pro Download Latest for Windows

ReaConverter Pro Download Latest for Windows

ReaConverter Pro Download Latest for Windows is software for processing multiple images in the most efficient way possible. The three main advantages that it brings are the speed in converting files, automation to simplify batch processing and a large number of supported file formats.

Among the dozens of features, some are unique, such as Watch Folder, Split, Auto Square, and Advanced File Selection. Its integration with File Explorer on Windows also allows conversion and editing processes to be carried out without having to open the main ReaConverter window.

ReaConverter Features

  1. Watch Folder.
    ReaConverter can simplify the routine of converting a WEBP file to JPG every time you download it from the internet. By creating a special folder that will convert files automatically whenever a WEBP file is inserted into it.
  2. Hundreds of formats.
    More than 640 formats are supported by ReaConverter, ranging from standard formats (eg JPG, PNG, BMP), RAW, CAD, 3D, Vector, GIS formats, to rarely used formats such as SR, SSP, PDX, GP4, CBM, CPC, And many others.
  3. Auto Crop.
    ReaConverter is capable of cropping dozens of images at once. You enter the folder containing the image, select the method that will be used to detect the cropping area, specify the color tolerance level, select the output storage location, then click the Start button.
  4. Selecting files by format.
    Among hundreds of images stored in a folder, perhaps you only want to process images that have a certain file format, such as PNG, BMP, and JPG. The easiest way to select these images is to click the “Advanced File Select” option, then you specify the source folder, and then type the file format you choose with a comma as a separator (example: png, BMP, jpg).
  5. Controls the color depth.
    One way that is often used to compress the image file size to be uploaded to the web is to reduce the number of colors, for example from 24 bits to 8 bits. By using ReaConverter, you can apply this method to multiple images at once.
  6. Change a specific color in the photo.
    A color can be changed without affecting other colors in the photo, for example, red is changed to blue. If the changes are still not perfect, you can tweak the tolerance level.
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ReaConverter Pro Download Latest for Windows 10, 8, 7

ReaConverter can even process all the images contained in the ZIP file directly, so you don’t need to extract the file. Each finished image is then sent by ReaConverter to the location you previously set as a storage folder.

ReaConverter provides three locations that you can choose to save your edits, namely the source folder, subfolders created inside the source folder, or other folders outside the source folder. Download the latest and free ReaConverter via the link below:

ReaConverter Pro Download Latest for Windows

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