Review And Download Web Browser The Best Choice

Review And Download Web Browser The Best Choice

Review And Download Web Browser The Best Choice. Nowadays, anywhere, be it in the workplace, or in the place of learning from lower to top levels. All of them use the internet to register, look for materials needed, learn something (look for certain tutorials). Everything we can’t do if the device we are using doesn’t have a web browser application.

Every computer user connected to the internet must have used a web browser. To be able to connect or open web pages on the internet network. Everyone needs a web browser program. Basically, a web browser program is provided or installed in every computer operating system.
Even so, most computer users usually always install other web browser programs that they prefer. Some of the most popular web browser programs are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari Browser, Opera browser, and Internet Explorer.
When viewed from the phrase, the web browser consists of two English words, namely the word ‘web’ and the word ‘browser’. The meaning of these two words, namely: web stands for the website, namely web pages on the internet network, while the browser can be interpreted as a medium for browsing. From the two meanings of this word, it can be concluded that a web browser is a web page explorer tool.
If we look at it in terms of its own function, the definition of a web browser is a program that functions as a medium for opening various web pages on the internet network. For example, you want to look for the latest news about the Covid-19 pandemic. Of course, you need a web browser application, so you can find the news you mean.

Web Browser Functions

  1. Opening a Website Page.
    When you use a web browser, you can go directly to the address where it will access the data. Meanwhile, if you use a search engine, it will only get a few websites that match the keywords you enter.
  2. Ensuring the Security of a Web.
    In a web browser, there is a verification or authentication process that is useful to ensure that the page is not dangerous to the device if visited. For example, to prevent computer devices or gadgets from viruses that can cause damage to the computer system.
  3. Supports Data Requests.
    Another web browser function is to support data requests needed by users, known as requesting supporting data items. Almost all web addresses on the internet can be accessed using a web browser and data in the form of photos or other media can be stored (downloaded) directly in computer documents.
  4. Collecting Data and Maximizing Display.
    In addition to providing access to the intended page directly, the web browser also functions to collect all data on a website including the effects on it so that the web page can be displayed better and optimally. Not only displaying text, but a web browser can also display video, photos, and audio on a page.
  5. Supports the Use of Search Engines.
    Search engines or search engines in general are part of a web browser so that users can search data more easily and quickly without having to type the address into the address bar in the web browser menu.
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After we discuss the use/function of the web browser. Below we will discuss some web browser applications that are widely used. Be it on a computer or mobile device, you can give your own view on each application that is provided.

Review And Download Web Browser The Best Choice

Google Chrome

Review And Download Web Browser The Best Choice

The first thing we discuss is the Chrome application, its popularity is no longer in doubt. This free licensed software, is owned by well-known companies, who else if not owned by Google. And now it has become a very efficient web browser for users and occupies the top position in the browser rankings.

Google Chrome, which is included in various web browsers, has a lot of interest because it has a very stable, cross-platform, responsive design for all devices. Google Chrome is also easy to download and use because it has simple settings.
From a series of advantages that it has, it has disadvantages in terms of the performance of our devices. Because this chrome browser consumes a lot of power. But actually, this drawback comes back to our devices, which have a small capacity.

Google Chrome features

  • Pin Tab.
    Serves to “keep” open tabs from being closed if you accidentally click the close menu. To use this feature, you just need to right-click on the tab and the conversation tab will open.
  • Paste and Go or Paste and Search.
    If you copy a URL in another browser and want to use chrome to open that URL, you are can use this feature. You just right-click and select Paste and Go.
  • Drag and Drop Downloads.
    This feature allows you to drag downloaded files using chrome to your computer desktop. So you don’t need to open the “download location” or change the download location every time you want the file to be downloaded in a different folder or drive.
  • Resources Page.
    Please try pressing CTRL + Shift + I on your Chrome. With this feature, you can find out how fast your site loads the browser.
  • Task Manager.
    To access it through the Task Manager Tools or by pressing Shift + ESC. This is done so that the browser crash is avoided.
  • Address Bar.
    The Address Bar can be turned into a calculator function, not all mathematical calculations can be calculated with an address bar. But for a simple count, you can use the Chrome address bar to make it faster.
  • Drag and Resize the ‘Text Box’ on the Webpage.
    If you write comments in the text box and have crossed the limit, you often have a scroll bar problem. In Chrome, you don’t need to move the scroll bar because you can enlarge the text box by dragging the bottom right corner of the text box.
  • Site Search via the Address Bar.
    If you want to find content about something in Chrome, you don’t need to type the full site name, you only need to type a few letters, then press Tab on your keyboard. Automatically, in the address bar, there is [search (site name):]. After that colon, you can enter what content you are looking for. For example android, then type android after the colon.
  • About: memory.
    If you type ‘about memory’ into the Chrome address bar, the browser will display details on the memory usage of the sites you are currently viewing.
  • Application Shortcut.
    You can create your own applications from various sites via Tools  Create application shortcuts. This feature will help you save time and make it easier for you to access sites that you frequently open.
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Well, that’s about the chrome web browser application, all back to its users. If it is suitable for us to use, please click the download link below.

Mozilla Firefox

Review And Download Web Browser The Best Choice

In addition to the applications we discussed above, the web browser that we will discuss next is Firefox. This application made by Mozilla includes many enthusiasts, including me here, still installing the Firefox browser on a laptop. For internet users. Mozilla Firefox is one of the most widely used web browsers.

The number of enthusiasts of Mozilla Firefox is due to its fast speed. In addition, because of the privacy system that is able to maintain security on a web browser.
But behind all the explanations above, Mozilla Firefox also has shortcomings. Some of the shortcomings of this web browser include, such as often experiencing a fairly long start loading, especially if many add-ons are installed.

Opera Browser

Review And Download Web Browser The Best Choice
In the midst of the development of a web browser application, users of the Opera web browser often leave it. But for me, I still choose this application for a web browser on mobile devices, especially those with below-average capabilities. Before the existence of a web browser with very good quality above, Opera used to be a very high-quality web browser.

Where Opera is able to do all the features that are owned by its competitors, even coupled with additional features that make it even more quality. One of the advantages that Opera had at that time was the Opera Turbo feature. This feature will compress your web traffic through Opera’s servers so that it has faster performance.

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By using Opera, you don’t need to worry about not being able to use the browser in remote areas optimally. Because by using Opera, you can maximize your search while still connected to an internet connection.

Download Opera

Safari Browser

Review And Download Web Browser The Best Choice

Safari Browser is the default browser from the Apple manufacturer. This browser is quite successful and is also widely used by internet users around the world.

Safari is also included in various web browsers. However, Safari is a web browser developed by Apple Inc. Safari has the advantage of its beautiful appearance, which has characteristics like Apple products. There are facilities to reduce bandwidth. But safari also has drawbacks such as frequent crashes in some versions of windows.

Internet Explorer

Review And Download Web Browser The Best Choice

Compared to the other web browsers above, Internet Explorer is now less interested. Even so, Internet Explorer is still included in various web browsers that still use it as a search engine. Even so, this web browser software has existed in 2002-2003, this web browser has been used by up to 95% of internet users.

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