Rufus Download Latest Version for Windows 10, 8, 7

Rufus Download Latest Version for Windows 10, 8, 7
Rufus Download Latest Version for Windows 10, 8, 7

Rufus Download Latest Version for Windows 10, 8, 7. Rufus Is a Small-sized App That is Designed specifically to Do the Format And create a BOOTABLE USB On USB Media.

For example Memory Stick, Pendrive, USB Flash drive, and many more uses. For you who want to install windows on a computer device that does not have a CD Rom. You can use this application to enter the Windows into the Flash drive or the like.

Rufus can be said more quickly and efficiently in making a bootable USB. In the BENCHMARK, Rufus is able to work 2 times faster if compared with the application maker USB the like.

This Utility also has the option of FreeDOS so You can use it to boot a computer/laptop in DOS. Very useful and simplify Your work in the process of upgrading the BIOS, which requires DOS.

The Usefulness Of Rufus

  1. You can create a BOOTABLE USB for the installation of the Windows operating system or the other, which does not have a CD Rom and the like.
  2. This application Can Work on a computer that has no operating system.
  3. You can utilize this software to Do a FIRMWARE UPGRADE or BIOS.
  4. Allows to Run the application low-level processes low-level format(the Utility Level is Low).

How To Use Rufus

  1. First, download the Rufus application installation file.
    The download link is at the end of this article.
  2. Open the Rufus App.
    Second, please open the Rufus Portable application. Just double-click it until it appears like this. Make sure only one flash is plugged into your laptop, so you don’t get confused. So that Rufus will automatically detect it.
  3. Search ISO File on PC.
    Third, we will look for ISO files from Windows 10. You do this by clicking SELECT so that a window appears to search for the ISO file. Incidentally, I will make a bootable flash with the Windows 10 operating system in it. So, the important thing to prepare is the ISO file from Windows 10. This file is the most important of the whole process. Then, how to get the ISO file? You can visit the website of the owner of Windows: Microsoft. Or you can enter the keyword “Download Windows 10”. Several websites on page one, already provide it for you. Even Microsoft is in first place on page one. Here’s a link to download the Windows ISO file you want:
  4. Double Click the ISO File.
    Fourth, locate the Windows 10 ISO file. Then, select it & click Open. Or, you can double click.
  5. Click Start to Start the Process.
    Fifth, the following is the display when the ISO file successfully enters Rufus. You can follow the settings below if you are confused. If you are sure, you can click START.
  6. Sixth, a warning will appear.
    That your flash will be formatted. So make sure if there is important data in it, it is immediately transferred or backed up.
  7. Seventh, the process of making a bootable flash drive will run.
    Wait for it to finish.
  8. Eighth, if Rufus looks like this.
    This means that the process of making a bootable Flashdisk is complete.
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Rufus Download Latest Version for Windows. This application is very helpful for those of you who want to make or plan to reinstall your device using flash. What’s more for those of you who use notebooks, because notebooks usually don’t have DVDs. Please use the download link below, to get the installation file.

Rufus Download Latest Version for Windows