SHAREit Download New Version for Your Device

SHAREit Download New Version for Your Device

SHAREit Download New Version for Your Device. SHAREit application is software that we can use to send and receive files quickly, all users of this application claim it is very easy in terms of use. By using an application developed by SHAREit Technologies Co. Ltd. You can send and receive files very quickly, when compared to sending something using bluetooth.

Due to its very fast delivery speed compared to others. Perhaps some of you doubt the security of sending files using this application, whether it is in the case of file corruption or failure at the end of delivery.

If you feel the problem as we mentioned above, then you should not worry too much about the data sent through this SHAREit. Because the file you send will not be damaged, this is a SHAREit application can send files and the like perfectly.

How to share files with SHAREit

Because the process of sending files is done through a WiFi service connection, users also do not need an internet connection when sending or receiving files. You can freely use it to send various types of files ranging from documents, music, images, videos, applications, and more.

For how to use this SHAREit, we can say it is very easy. Will send files from Smartphone to computer device, or vice versa. You can also send files from smartphone to smartphone or computer device to another computer device. But with the condition, all these devices already have the SHAREit application installed.

To send, of course you must connect the file sending device with the file receiving device. For how we can look at the same points that we give below.

How to use SHAREit

  • Download the installation file, the download link can be seen below this article.
  • Once you have obtained the file, proceed by installing it on the device you will be using. For how to install it is very easy, when using a computer device, double -click on the file that was downloaded earlier, then follow the installation instructions until complete.As for android devices, just go directly to the play store, in addition it can also be by way of installation as on a computer. The requirement is that you must have the APK file SHAREit, for this file we have also prepared the download link below. And for those who do not understand what an apk file is and how to install it, you can visit the link below.
  • The next step, after completing the installation open or click SHAREit on the device to which the file will be sent.
  • Then press or tap “SEND”.
  • Select any files you want to send.
  • Click or tap “Next”.
  • Then on the radar of the sending device will be visible the receiving device.
  • Then select the receiving device of the file we will send.
  • Now that the file submission process is in progress, wait for it to complete.

File Delivery Using SHAREit Slows Down.

If you feel the delivery is slow, many complain in some cases the speed of delivery using this application. Before you blame this shipping application, we suggest you check a few things that may be causing this problem.

This situation usually does not occur because the SHAREit software you are using is problematic. But it is due to several things, such as, the distance between the sending device and the receiver is quite far, the number of wifi signals in your current location, or because a lot of people use the same wifi network. Although we do not use the internet network from the wifi, but the number of users is an obstacle in the slow delivery.

The solution, first check the wifi service that will be used, whether the use of the device is already a lot. In addition, make sure the receiving device is not too far from the sender, before the process of sending the intended file is complete.

SHAREit feature

  1. The data transfer process is very fast.
    Many people choose SHAREit because it can send files quickly, and even to send a file of only 20 MB, SHAREit can complete it in a matter of seconds. No wonder the developer claims that SHAREit is claimed to be the fastest data transfer application in the world.
  2. Cross -platform support.
    SHAREit is available for various types of operating systems including Android, Windows, Windows Phone, mac OS, and iOS. By using SHAREit you can send data from one operating system to another, for example from Android to Windows.With cross -platform support, of course, you don’t have to bother using a data cable anymore, just activate the WiFi connection on the sending device and the data receiver can be sent directly.
  3. Can be used to send more than one file or folder.
    Jamn fast, SHAREit can also be used to send more than one file or folder simultaneously without capacity limitations. No matter the size of the file or folder sent, SHAREit can still do well.Even when the file or folder sent is not finished, you can also immediately send another file or folder to be included in the next delivery queue, so you do not have to wait for the delivery process to complete.
  4. Wide data exchange radius.
    relatives can exchange data using SHAREit over a wider range than bluetooth. As long as the WiFi connection can still be connected between the receiving device and the sender, the transfer process will run, but the farther the distance, the faster the speed will decrease.

In addition to the above, we can still use this SHAREit application to play and watch videos. From the official site says that this application can play all types of videos. We can also watch videos provided online.

SHAREit Download New Version for Your Device. This application belongs to cross -platform software, so you can use it on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Windows Phone devices. Please select according to the device you are using.

SHAREit Download New Version for Your Device

SHAREit Download

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