Signal for Android Download APK Latest Version

Signal for Android Download APK Latest Version

Signal for Android Download APK Latest Version, The app is a personal and group chat application, which can also be used to make calls. This conversation application can also be used to personalize messages.

Signal was developed in 2013 by Moxie Marlinspike. But the forerunner has been around since 2010 when Moxie and Stuart Anderson released TextSecure and RedPhone applications for the Android operating system. Long story short, Moxie founded the Open Whisper System (OWS) and in July 2014, the Signal was released to the public.

The signal is being looked at again after being around for a long time on the Android Play Store and Apple App Store. The reason is, Signal is a kind of sudden lapse when its competitor application, WhatsApp, changes its privacy policy. A policy that allows WhatsApp to share data with Facebook and other third-party applications.

Signal’s for Android Main Features

So what are the features offered by Signal? Let’s see one by one.

1. Personal Data Keep Safe

In registering new users, Signal does use a mobile number as a registration tool. But of course, that does not make it associated with a user identity.So if you use Signal, no digital data is stored there regarding you. They don’t even associate the phone number you registered with as your identity.Even if there are hackers who break into the system at Signal, then they can’t steal anything. Yes, if you don’t have personal data, what do you want to steal?

2. Confidentiality of Use Maintained

To keep conversations safe, Signal also uses end-to-end encryption. Yes, similar to WhatsApp. However Signal creates its own protocol which is also openly available.End-to-end encryption aka end-to-end encryption is a security pattern for a communication application, where only the sender and recipient of the message know the conversation. The ‘message interceptor’ or eavesdropper in the middle cannot read it because the data is encrypted.

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3. Free and Ad-Free

Signal’s origins are TextSecure and RedPhone which are open-source applications. Two applications can be obtained for free. So that when Moxie creates Signal, the pattern of surviving without charging the user is understood.Signal also does not use advertisements to profit from its users. If you use this application, the display is really clean from annoying pop-ads, sticky-ads, and link-ads. Then where does Signal get the money to maintain its resources?Similar to the system used by Wikipedia, Signal also uses a donation pattern to survive. If to this day Signal still survives, it means that there are always people who donate to them.

4. No Tracker

One thing that makes SIgnal superior to Telegram, and perhaps the reason why Elon Musk (Tesla), Edward Snowden (ex NSA), Jack Dorsey (Twitter) use Signal is that this application is indeed safe, including not tracking you using GPS data.So, does Telegram track? I don’t. But the other day there was news about a security ‘leak’ from Telegram’s People’s Nearby feature. So hackers can break into this feature to find out the exact location of the user. This had become a trend in early 2021.

5. Additional Features

If you thought Signal would be a boring app, then you are wrong. The signal is still built with the same creativity that other chat apps have.You can do fun things with Signal. For example, creating group conversations, using stickers on conversations, group calls, dark mode, and there are features for internet network optimization so that messages can still be sent.

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Signal APK Version 6.0.6


Several things related to the advantages of Signal above, of course, are considered. This is contained in Signal’s privacy policy which can be accessed on the official website. But what you need to know, on permission requests when installed, Signal still asks quite a lot of permission requests. This is of course for application optimization.

Well, what you need to know, permission requests are certainly different from the use of personal data stored on Signal servers. This application does not write that it will not use its users’ personal data for commercial purposes. And that promise is now held by more than 10 million users.