Software Definition, Functions, Examples & Various of Software

Software Definition, Functions, Examples & Various of Software

Software Definition, Functions, Examples & Various of Software. Understanding Software – In order for a computer to operate, it requires software or software. Today there are so many types of software to choose from. you can use it for design needs, video editing, playing games, and so on. In addition, many people use it in work activities, even to great management using the software.

Software developers are also always developing so that there are more features that make it easier for users. In addition, in this day and age, there is a lot of software that has the same function but different developers. You have to be smart in choosing each application that will be used.

Software Definition, Functions, Examples & Various of Software

Understanding Software

If the hardware or hardware has a physical form, otherwise if the software does not have a physical form. Computer software has an understanding as a collection of electronic data, which is stored and then controlled by a computer device.

So the electronic data is in the form of instructions or programs, which will later carry out special orders. So on a computer or laptop device, software must be installed, so that it can be operated.

Therefore, on each computer can be installed different software. Because the installation of the software is tailored to the wishes of the user.

Software Functions

In general, software on a computer has two main functions. The first function is to process data, commands, or special instructions. That way, users can operate their computers in accordance with the desired work results. In addition, its function is for a means of interaction that connects the user with the hardware.

Kinds of Software

There are various types of software that can be operated on a computer. To be able to use it there are paid and unpaid software. So, what kind of software?

  • Paid Software.
    There are many software products developed by developers. However, to be able to enjoy the usefulness of the software, as well as its various features and latest updates, you have to pay a certain price.Even though you have bought it, but did not get a license to make a copy and distribute it to other computer users. Because the action is illegal and against the law. These software products such as Microsoft Windows, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Microsoft Office, and so on.
  • Freeware.
    This software is free, so you don’t have to buy it like paid software. Even you can use it indefinitely. So it can be used free of charge at any time.Usually, the developers of this software dedicate it to a particular community. But the copyright is still maintained so that it can also carry out various further developments. Examples of products from this freeware are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and so on.
  • Free Software.
    At first, you have to buy this software. However, you are free to carry out the distribution, modification, and even distribution. So the meaning of freedom is not only on some of these components. This is what distinguishes it from freeware.
  • Shareware.
    This software can also be used for free. Unfortunately, there is a time limit for its use. This is the difference with freeware, which can be used forever without any expiration time.Shareware is a special program that is distributed as an evaluation or demonstration version of the software. Therefore, the developers limit the functions or features that users can use. So the development will limit the time of use, such as only one month. Well, if you want to enjoy all of its features, then you have to buy it first.This method is used for product testing, so you can find out the various advantages and functions it offers. Shareware is usually used by anti-virus development companies. That’s why you often get a trial of using antivirus for free, but only for a certain time.

    After that you are interested in the antivirus with all its features, then you have to pay a certain amount. That’s why shareware is also known as trialware.

  • Open Source Software.
    As the name implies this software is open, so you can access it for free. As the name implies, the source code is open so that it can be studied, then modified to improve its functionality, and so on can be distributed to other users. So this software is usually managed by a certain community.Although it is open, it must be used in accordance with certain provisions and ethics. An example of this software is Linux, whose functionality is equivalent to Microsoft Windows.

Actually, there is more software that you should know, remember this is only for knowledge so we don’t have an impact on it. In a sense, we can anticipate this type of software. We mean malware so it is dangerous if misused. The purpose of making this software is to infiltrate and even damage computer network systems. Of course without the permission of the owner.

Software Examples

By knowing various software, then you can understand the various products and their functions. There are many examples of software that is commonly used by the public. Here are some categories and examples.

  1. System Software.
    There are a number of the software used as computer operating systems. Examples are Linux, Mac, and Windows. Windows operating system is more widely used because it is cheaper than Mac.Naturally, there are relatively more Windows users than Mac and Linux. Although Linux is not paid because it is open source, but still outnumbered users of Windows. Because Windows is easier to operate.
  2. Browser Software.
    When you want to find certain information, you will usually do so with the help of search sites. Some examples of software are Opera Mini, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, and so on.In terms of the number of users, Chrome occupies the highest position. Because it looks neater, so it is more comfortable and pleasant to use.
  3. Microsoft Office.
    As the name implies, this software does have a function as a support for office affairs. Such as document typing, accounting, presentation media, and so on. Some examples of this software are Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Publisher, and so on.
  4. Paint Software.
    This software functions as an image or design processor. So you can make certain pictures or patterns, do editing, and so on. Some examples of software are Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, Paint, and so on.
  5. Anti-Virus Software.
    Virus attacks can hit every computer, especially those that often surf in cyberspace, often download files, and so on. For that, the computer needs a protection system so that it is not easily attacked by viruses. For example, AVG, Norton, Avast, Smadav, and so on.

Software Definition, Functions, Examples & Various of Software. Important information about software or software for computers. Development always occurs in specifications, features, and functions. This of course aims to make it easier for computer users. Therefore, make sure you always use the latest version.

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