Super Antivirus Cleaner apk Download for Android

Super Antivirus Cleaner apk Download for Android

Super Antivirus Cleaner apk Download for Android. Android smartphone device cleaner application is one application that is very much needed by users today. Due to the increasingly sophisticated era, of course, every application developer releases the latest features, and the impact makes androids whose performance is classified as low to slow down.

This problem is of course a consideration for Android smartphone users who have older versions. Moreover, those who have space or internal memory are quite small.

Brother, Android users, of course, have felt if your smartphone suddenly hangs or feels slow. Usually, this is caused by certain factors, ranging from cookies, cache, and RAM junk on your Android smartphone.

To solve problems like this, you will also need the best and light enough android cleaning application that you should try. The goal is to clean all the things that are not needed in the android that we use so that its performance is better than before.

To find the application that we mean above, you can browse on Google. Of course there will be lots of android cleaner and booster apps that you will find.

Here we are looking for a very light application, with a relatively small installation file size. But you should first check the application that will be used, whether it meets all the needs that you need.

In short, here we will recommend a very light android cleaning and booster software (application), called Super Antivirus Cleaner – MAX or Max Security – Antivirus, Booster (Max Cleaner).

From the name alone, we already know that this application has the task of cleaning, strengthening, and maintaining the android devices that we use. Although it has a lot of performance, but this application meets our expectations in terms of size, for now the installation file is approximately 6 mb.

Besides having good performance, small size, we can also use it for free. To know more about this software, here we will provide important points in terms of its features.

Super Antivirus Cleaner Features:

  • Cache Cleaner.
    With this feature we will clean junk or cache that has accumulated on Android’s internal storage or on the sd card when we use it.In addition, with this feature, ram that is used in the background without us needing it will be released so that ram is free and android works better than before.
  • Professional Free Antivirus.
    As we mentioned above, this application is free, and we can use it to protect our smartphone from viruses or malware.Besides MAX Security, this free application can block Trojans, spyware and malware from our android phones. He will keep the smartphone in real-time to keep it safe from something dangerous.
  • App Lock.
    This feature is usually used to limit other people when using our android. If there are applications that other people cannot use when operating your smartphone, then use this feature to lock it.
  • Call Blocker & Assistant.
    If you want to block one of the very annoying cellphone numbers, then this application also supports this feature. But you have to give this app permission to access Calls, read phone status, view your Contacts. Actually this permission, is the same as with other applications.

Apart from what we have mentioned above, there are other advantages of this application Super Antivirus Cleaner apk Download for Android. You can feel it after using it. For the installation file, you can get it by clicking the link we provide below. This is an APK file type, meaning that we can install it offline.

Super Antivirus Cleaner apk Download for Android

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