Super Fast Cleaner App Download apk for Android

Super Fast Cleaner App Download apk for Android

Super Fast Cleaner App Download apk for Android, one more software that works for android smart phone device cleaner and also booster. This application is classified as very light, intelligent and has advantages that are needed by every Android user.

Why do I say that, because with its style that works automatically, you only need one tap. Then this application will immediately work to clean the memory of the android smart phone.

In addition, all junk files on your device will be removed, and of course with just one click. A very effective application with a very small size, for now its size is only 3 mb, that’s why I say a very light software.

Many people use this Cleaner, because in it there are several features, which you can use to improve or stabilize the performance of Android devices. Of course, we can use these features for free.

Well, if you experience something like this, your Android device slows down, the storage on your Android is suddenly full, the smart phone battery is draining quickly. Try to use the features in Super Fast Cleaner, then you will feel your android device works faster than before.

For those who like to play games, you can use a feature called games booster. by tapping this feature, the smoothness of playing games will be felt when compared to before using it.

Before you install and use it. Please check first, some of the points that we will give below. By knowing the features, functions, advantages, then you will not hesitate to download it.

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Features of Super Fast Cleaner

  • Junk Cleaner
  • CPU Cooler
  • Ram Booster
  • Game Booster
  • App Manager

Main Functions of Super Fast Cleaner

  1. Junk Cleaner:
    This feature will help android users to free up storage space full of unnecessary and unwanted files.For example, every time you install an application, the installation file will be left in storage, so tap on this feature and it will be deleted automatically.
  2. Cache File Cleaner:
    Professional cleaner, meaning that for us Android users, we must have deleted applications that we no longer need. Then any residue left behind will be deleted automatically by this application.In addition, all cache that has accumulated, due to the use of social media applications will be removed from storage. But you don’t have to worry, because we only delete what we don’t need, that’s why we say professional cleaners.
  3. RAM optimizer:
    The longer the use of each device, the slower its performance, the problem is in the ram that has been used too much. The solution tap RAM Optimizer in this application, then everything will be resolved.
  4. Storage Cleaner:
    All the things that we have collected while using Android, we often do not delete. Even though it’s not needed, Instead of checking one by one, it’s better to finish it with just one tap.
  5. CPU Cooler:
    Have you ever felt excessive heat on your Android, even though you are not using applications that consume high-power memory.If you’ve ever had an experience like the one I mentioned, use this feature to get things done quickly.
    This feature serves to check every application that has been installed and is rarely used, or even not used at all.Through this feature, Android users can directly select and uninstall it.
  7. Game Booster:
    30% faster increase in game performance, with this the experience in playing games will feel better.
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Super Fast Cleaner App Download apk for Android can also be said to be a Security, which can protect every android from something that feels dangerous. Almost the same as anti-virus in general, we will get a warning if something dangerous enters the device we are using.

After reading all our reviews, and decided to download it, then click on the link that we have provided below. If there are any discrepancies or errors in the submission, we hope you will notify us via the comments column.

Super Fast Cleaner App Download apk for Android

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