TeamViewer Download Latest Version for Windows 10, 8, 7


TeamViewer Download Latest Version for Windows 10, 8, 7. TeamViewer is an application that can be used to control, access, monitor, or remotely one device from another. How to use TeamViewer is very easy, but because there are several types it makes it difficult for users. So this time I will discuss how to use TeamViewer from various sides.

TeamViewer can be used remotely from a computer to another computer, from a computer to a smartphone, or from a smartphone to control a computer. So you need to determine in advance the system that you will run.

Do not rush to install the TeamViewer application if you have not determined which system you will do. Once you’ve decided which method, install the app and learn how to use it. So that later you will not regret having installed an application that was not used in the end.

Team Viewer does have a lot of applications with different functions. If you have the opportunity, you can try each application because it has benefits which in my opinion are quite helpful for our daily lives. Now, let’s go straight to the methods that can be applied in how to use TeamViewer.

TeamViewer Remote Desktop

Remote PC to PC or laptop to the laptop is usually done on a server computer with a client. This parent-client relationship facilitates the maintenance process as well as performs certain updates on the client’s computer. So that operation is only carried out on one computer and there is no problem with the distance.

The application used on the computer is TeamViewer, both computers must have this application installed. Then the process to connect it is very easy. Make sure you install the TeamViewer application on your laptop and select the Personal/Non-Commercial use option, so it’s free. Please use the download button below to get the installation file.

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TeamViewer Download Latest Version for Windows 10, 8, 7


The following are steps on how to use TeamViewer to connect a laptop to a laptop.

  1. Open the Teamviewer application on both laptops/pc computers
  2. View client ID and Password
  3. Enter the client ID into the Partner ID section of the Parent computer
  4. Click ‘CONNECT’
  5. When a popup appears, enter the client’s password
  6. Click ‘Log On’
  7. Wait a minute and it’s done

The principle of server and client actually has many other systems. However, using TeamViewer does not have a purpose to make server and client computers. The use of TeamViewer is more about taking control of a PC or laptop computer so that it can be done from one main computer.

This method is good to use if you want to update the system, perform maintenance, add applications, and so on without having to switch computers directly.

TeamViewer Download Latest Version for Windows. In addition, this method is also good to use if you want to use two computers at once so that it supports doing many activities at once without using many computers at the table. Only one computer is operated directly, but the process runs thoroughly to all expected computers.