Teracopy Latest Version Download for Windows

Teracopy Latest Version Download for Windows. Teracopy is software that is used to help speed up the process of transferring or copying data. By using teracopy, data can be copied better because teracopy uses technology to speed up the process of copying data. Teracopy supports all types of files, both multimedia, archive, executable, and web.
Teracopy Latest Version Download for Windows

The technology owned by Teracopy is identical to the technology commonly used in Torrent software which is commonly used to speed up the download process. However, teracopy is used to speed up the process of writing data on local disk media and USB. The only way Teracopy does to speed up the copy process is to use optimizations in Buffer which are claimed to speed up the process of copying data in cache and disk.

Features and Uses of Teracopy

  1. Fast Copy Support
    Teracopy is claimed to have a very fast file copying feature, which with this feature helps us to speed up the data copying process. In addition, Tera Copy guarantees a safer data copying process, because the possibility of failure or interruption of the process is relatively small.
  2. Copy History
    Another feature in addition to supporting for fast copying of data is the existence of a History of copying data, such as a summary. So that we can find out the history of our data copying process, along with attributes, and which files were not copied, if there was a failure in the copying process.
  3. Large Data Support
    Teracopy in addition to supporting a fast data copy process also supports large files, so you don’t have to worry about the data copying process that displays large data such as databases, for example. By using Teracopy, optimization will be carried out for the process of copying large data.
  4. Security On-Demand
    During the data copying process, various risks such as data corruption, corruption, infection due to viruses, and system instability can change the attributes and integrity of the copied data, this can almost happen to the system’s default file transfer media because it is more intended for processing. casual data transfer.
By using Teracopy, you can breathe easily because, during the copying process, Teracopy will ensure and protect the transfer process running in the background, so that the integrity of the data is maintained. Teracopy will also protect data that is in the process of being transferred, to ensure that there is no data damage during the transfer process. To get the file Teracopy Latest Version Download for Windows, please click the download button below.

Teracopy Latest Version Download for Windows