The Best Free PDF Reader For Windows

The Best Free PDF Reader For Windows
The Best Free PDF Reader For Windows

The Best Free PDF Reader For Windows. Before we continue discussing the best applications for reading and editing pdf files. I will give a little description of the file with the format that we discuss today. PDF or Portable Document Format is a type of document or file format for digital document exchange purposes created by Adobe Systems in 1993.

Initially, the PDF format was used for the benefit of digital document exchange, but now it is also widely used for the presentation of two-dimensional documents consisting of letters, text, vector graphics, and images.

PDF is getting more and more sophisticated every day. Even now, Adobe Systems Inc. has developed the Acrobat 3D program, which is the ability to read PDF documents in three dimensions. Now PDF has become an ISO standard with code 32000-1: 2008 since July 2008.

This PDF feature makes it easy for users to archive documents which makes PDF more and more people use it. In fact, it’s not just Adobe Reader software that can access these PDF files. However, there is also other software such as Foxit Reader, Adobe Flash, and so on.

PDF Functions and Convenience

PDF is a format that is often used in creating documents. In general, PDF has several functions, namely:

  1. Save text documents
  2. Create text documents
  3. Save Image documents
  4. Create Image documents
  5. Save a document by entering a link
  6. Send documents that have been finished or in standard form (cannot be changed).

The PDF format may be different from the doc format in Microsoft Office, where PDF is a more flexible document, it can be locked so that it cannot be edited so it is more secure.

PDF documents or files are the best choices if you want to send a fixed document with an attractive appearance. Moreover, the process of exchanging documents via email can be done easily because they are usually small in size.

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The use of the PDF format in various documents is very widely used today. Both for general purposes and for special purposes.

The advantages of PDF

PDF is chosen by many users because it has many advantages over other document formats. The advantages of PDF compared to other document formats are as follows.

  • Edit Table.
    Don’t worry about documents that have already been converted to PDF can’t be edited anymore. Or when edited, the text is messed up. Don’t worry because you can edit the contents of the PDF file with the help of PDF reader software.
  • Can be locked.
    An important document if it is not secured can be used by irresponsible people. So, keeping a document from being copied and edited, Adobe System develops a lock feature on PDF.
    So the document cannot be copied or you want the document to be seen by other people, you can use the lock feature to give your PDF document a password.
  • Flexible.
    PDF refers to a digital product that is flexible, allowing this format to be opened on any device such as a computer or smartphone.
    Even if this format is opened on devices with different versions, it will not change the contents of the file. The contents of a PDF extension file are fixed and will not change without the help of other software to change the text content in it.
  • Can Save Images.
    Not only text files, but in PDF format you can also save data in the form of images, photos, and graphics. In addition, by converting files to PDF format can reduce the size or size of the file.
  • Compatible With Various Computers.
    Unlike the doc format and others that can only be opened on a computer with Microsoft Office software installed. The PDF format is compatible with various computer operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac-OS, and others.
Now that’s a little description of files with format pdf. For those of you who are familiar with this file, of course, you need an application that can work to open this file. Many applications are available now, from free to paid. Makes users confused about which one to choose. Some even ask “what a good pdf reader application”. Therefore, here we will provide several options that have proven their many uses.

The Best Free PDF Reader For Windows

  1. Adobe Reader
    The first choice is Adobe Reader, Adobe Reader is application software that can run optimally on Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows 10, and other versions. Most of the toolbars in Adobe Reader are almost the same as the toolbars found in software that have the same function as Adobe Reader, namely to read documents, such as help, edit, view, files, etc.You can try this application first if you think this application is not good or doesn’t match what you are working on. you can choose another. For those of you who need it, click the link below.

  2. Foxit Reader
    Is free software (freeware) that you can use to read PDF files (Portable Document Format) is Foxit Reader. Foxit Reader is one of the competitors of Adobe Reader software, each of which has advantages and disadvantages. Foxit reader functions to read PDF files just like Adobe Reader. Only there is a slight difference between Foxit Reder being lighter than Adobe Reader.FoxitReader is a PDF viewer application that has a simple interface, customizable toolbar, small size, and fast loading. Foxit Reader is free to use for non-commercial users.

    Download Foxit Reader

  3. Nitro PDF Reader
    Is an alternative application for reading PDF documents on a PC. This application is equipped with a variety of interesting features, one of which has a function to create PDF documents from Microsoft Office, HTML, text, or image files.To capture part of an image or text into another document, for example, Microsoft Word, you can click the “Select | Snapshot” menu.

    Download Nitro PDF Reader

  4. WPS Office
    Is a multifunctional application. This application is not only able to be used to read documents, but also can be used to create, edit, view, and also share a document for free and easily. The documents referred to here are not only Words but also Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, etc. This application is very popular on Android phones.

    Download WPS Office

  5. PDF Expert
    The first advantage that you can feel is the loading speed of the application. You could say, this PDF Expert application is very light. In contrast to Adobe Acrobat Reader which feels heavier and slower.Second, of course, the features in it. When you have to pay a monthly fee to use Adobe’s services, you can immediately get lots of features the first time you use PDF Expert.

    Download PDF Expert

  6. Icecream pdf
    This one software is arguably a very simple and friendly software. Without the need for a connection at all, you can easily mess around with your PDF files. However, it should be underlined that this software is only used to separate or merge PDF files, nothing more.

    Download Icecream Pdf

Those are some choices of the pdf file reader and editor that we are sharing this time. Please select the application that matches the job and the device you are using. Suppose your device is below average in terms of speed. Then choose this lightweight pdf reader application. Even though it doesn’t have complete features, it can help complete what you are doing.

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If there is other software that you need, be it for Desktop devices or Smart Phones, please click SOFTAPPIN. Hopefully what you are looking for is on our website.