Twitter APK Download Latest Version for Android

Twitter APK Download Latest Version for Android. Twitter, which was founded in 2006, created by Jack Dorsey, has now become popular and worldwide. It is estimated that users worldwide have now reached more than 100 million users and may even continue to grow because it is estimated that Twitter will beat other similar social networks. But this is just an estimate.

Twitter APK Download Latest Version for Android

Twitter itself is actually a microblog social network in which we can write messages of 140 characters which are often called chirping/tweeting. These tweets or messages can be seen by the public or only by our friends who get the tweets that we send. Or if you want to know a new social network about sharing photo moments, there is also Instagram, which I have previously discussed.

Uniqueness of Twitter

The uniqueness of this Twitter is about following and following. Then what’s the difference? Following means, we follow other people to see messages/status/tweets from other people we follow, but the messages we make are not necessarily seen on the homepages of the people we follow. If he also follows us then they can see the message we made. Then for Followers are people who follow the development of what we write in the twitt message column.

So basically we don’t need to confirm other people to be friends/know about us, because they are only followers/followers of our Twitter account and we don’t necessarily have to follow them if we don’t want to know what they’re doing on Twitter. So we will only become followers of friends, family, or people we know and want us to know their activation.

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Because the development of applications on smartphones is growing, Twitter doesn’t want to be left behind by making a Twitter application for Android that we can download through the Google Play Store. how you can see below.

How to install Twitter on Android easily

  • Open play store on android
  • In the search field, type Twitter
  • If you find it, click install
  • Wait until it’s finished

The way we mentioned above is installing Twitter on Android online. For those of you who want to install this messaging application offline, you are required to have a twitter installation file, namely the APK file. For those of you who don’t have the file, please use the download button below.

Twitter APK Download Latest Version for Android

Twitter APK Download Latest Version for Android. Signing up for a new Twitter account is quite easy. Open the application and select the Register menu. You will then be led through the registration process, and asked to enter information such as your name and email. Then you need to create a password to log in. Once you have an account, to post a tweet you can write it in the message box. Then click/touch the Tweet button. A few moments in the status section of your device notification will appear which will disappear after the tweet is sent.