WeChat for Windows Download Latest Version

WeChat for Windows Download Latest VersionWeChat for Windows Download Latest Version (3.8.0), Before using this application, of course, you must first understand its function or use. WeChat can be said to be almost the same as messaging applications in general. But every application that is presented by the developer must have advantages, whether it is in terms of appearance, ease of use, or features that attract messaging application users. Here are the features possessed by the software that we are discussing.

WeChat Features:

1. Chat

WeChat has a simple chat interface. Besides that, there are two icons, namely the + icon which functions to open additional options, and the voice icon for Voice Messaging next to the text field.

The chat background in this application can also be changed according to the user’s wishes and there is a Broadcast Message feature that can be embedded in this WeChat for Windows.

2. Video Call

Video calling is also on WeChat. By using this feature, users can communicate face-to-face through gadgets. Currently still in development of the latest version.

3. Voice Chat

The voice chat feature in WeChat for Windows is quite simple and easy to use. Users only need to press the “Hold to Talk” button to record sound, then to send the message the user just needs to release it. As sophisticated as this application is, it can also record sound.

4. Moments

Moments is a feature of WeChat in the form of a timeline that can be filled with words or photos. In addition, the published timeline can also be commented on by the user who uploaded the timeline or other users. Basically, this feature is similar to the features found on Facebook

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5. Emoticons

Emoticons from WeChat are quite complete and unique compared to other chat applications. WeChat for Windows has various types of emoticons, including emoji art, custom emoticons, emojis, and default emoticons. Unique icons for animated images that can move are also available on WeChat.

6. Group Chat

Users can create a group chat from several existing contacts and can add members to the group if needed. This feature can facilitate the dissemination of existing information to members of the group.

7. Add Friends

Add Friends there are several additional points, namely;

    • Shake.
      This feature makes it easier for users to find friends around them. How to use this feature is by moving the gadget or cell phone, then a list of users will appear who are also using this feature. just like online friends on Facebook
    • Look Around.
      This feature is almost the same function as a shake but differs in the use of technology. Look Around uses GPS to locate other users in the vicinity.
    • Drift Bottle.
      Drift Bottle is one of the features in finding other users. This feature is run by throwing a bottle containing a message (throw) to get a random friend. Furthermore, users can also search for other users by taking an existing bottle (pick).
    • Facebook Connect.
      WeChat can also be accessed with your Facebook account and Password.
WeChat for Windows Download Latest Version, now please download the installation file, by clicking the download button that we have prepared below.

WeChat for Windows Download Latest Version