WhatsApp Messenger for Android Download APK Latest Version

WhatsApp Messenger for Android Download APK Latest Version

WhatsApp Messenger for Android Download APK Latest Version  This free chat application is one of the best-selling messaging apps to date. There are so many features and advantages of the WhatsApp Messenger application, and of course, they have differences with other free chat applications such as Kakaotalk, Line, WeChat, and many others.

If you use this application, it would be nice to know some of the features available in it. If you don’t know, surely we won’t be able to use this application to its full potential. And here we will provide some excellent features in the WhatsApp messaging application.

WhatsApp Messenger Features

  1. Avatar
    You can change your avatar manually, it can be replaced with a photo of yourself or another image such as a picture of words that can express yourself, and often becomes a post in your current status.
  2. Add conversation shortcut
    To make it easier when using WhatsApp, we can add a shortcut to the homestand ​​on an Android smartphone, so we won’t bother opening anything else (such as folders) first.
  3. View Contact
    Can see all the contacts we have on the cellphone, and can also choose one of the existing contacts, to be used as chat friends.
  4. Email Conversation
    This feature serves to send conversations via email.
  5. Copy / Paste
    We can easily copy and paste all conversations or forward conversations that have been sent previously with chat opponents in this application.
  6. Smile Icon
    Here we can add some funny emoticons, which are contained in this application. So that when interacting with other people it will be more interesting.
  7. Search
    This feature functions to find data on existing contacts.
  8. Call
    This feature allows you to call friends for free.
  9. Block
    You can block certain contacts if you feel annoyed or have other problems.
  10. Status
    This application can display status, but it is different from BBM messenger which has a timeline of status if there is an update. On the other hand, WhatsApp will bring up the status under the user’s profile, just like yahoo messenger.
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The advantages of WhatsApp

  1. Not just text
    Apart from sending text messages, you can also send content, video images and voice messages, because this application has been set so that not only text can be sent. So there is no need to switch to other software to send certain files.
  2. Integrated into the system
    This messaging application has entered the system, meaning that if your smartphone or the device using this application is in an off condition. Then the message will be stored in the system, after which it will send the message after the position of the android smartphone is on.
  3. Message Status
    This application can tell you if you send a message to a friend, it’s a red hour (still loading on an android smartphone). If it is checked (the message has been sent to the system and will immediately be sent to the recipient). If on our Android the tick is green (then the message has been read by the person who received the message). If the message sent is marked with a cross (message failed).
  4. Save Bandwidth
    This application saves the user’s internet connection because the activities we do are recorded on the system so that it doesn’t consume excessive bandwidth.
  5. Broadcasts and Group chat
    This application serves to send messages, to many people in the group

WhatsApp Messenger for Android, And if you are new to using this application, it is better if you read How to Register WhatsApp. Or if you still don’t use this application, you can download WhatsApp on the download button that we provide.

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WhatsApp for Android Download APK Latest Version