Zoom App Download for PC, Android, iPhone/iPad New Version

Zoom App Download for PC, Android, iPhone/iPad New Version

Zoom App Download for PC, Android, iPhone/iPad New Version – This application is now often considered as the most popular and widely used meeting software in the world. There are still many users of the zoom app, especially workers who don’t know how to use Zoom meetings properly and correctly.

Even though for now for some reason, this application is very helpful for them, when they are forced or have to work from home. This can all happen for example you are not there or something like that.

When you have something you want to talk about, and it must be held together, the term must be holding an important meeting. Even though your status with other colleagues is very far away, you can have online meetings with these colleagues using the Zoom app.

Then the question will arise, how to use this application to the fullest. Because of such problems, here we will show you how you can use it well.

How to Register Zoom on Laptops and Smartphones.

Before reviewing how to use Zoom features, we will first discuss the steps to register an account with the application.

The steps to registering for a zoom account are not difficult, especially if you have registered for a social media account, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on. After registering an account, you can definitely use the features in the Zoom application as much as possible.

1. First of all.

You need to access the Zoom account registration page. Then, immediately create your account by clicking the “Sign Up” option.

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2. After registering.

Go directly to the Zoom main page and click the “My Profile” option.

3. After that.

The Personal Meeting ID data will appear which you can immediately use to invite participants to the video conference.

4. And lastly.

Don’t forget to enter the name correctly. With that, coworkers will take your meeting invitation seriously. Because the invitations they get are from people they know.

How to Join Instant Meetings.

After following the registration steps, you have successfully become a zooming user. Now is the time for you to know how to use the Zoom application, we specialize here with the instant meeting feature.

Why do we specialize in this feature, this feature is often used by Zoom app users for various virtual meeting purposes.

In order for you to join the Zoom instant meeting, you need to download the application first. We have provided the download link at the end of this article.

Now let’s listen to how to use the Zoom application instant meeting.

1. Open the Zoom app.

The first step to using Zoom instant meetings is to first open the application on your desktop, mobile, or another device.

2. Click Join Meeting.

The next step is to select the option directly.Yes, you can directly click “Join Meeting” as stated above. Later, you will be directed to fill in the meeting ID so that you can immediately join the other members.

Actually, even without having an account, you can still directly join the Zoom online meeting. Easy isn’t it, but that doesn’t mean your zoom account doesn’t work for you.

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Because having a zoom account is still very much needed, and if you want to have a Zoom app account. Please sign up first on the same page.

How to Use the Zoom Feature.

You must know that in this Zoom meeting application there are many features that can be used. We give an example here, for example, to arrange an online meeting for employees or co-workers.

In fact, with this application, you can also rearrange meeting schedules regularly, record online video meetings, and so on. To get to know this application more, let’s see an explanation of its features below.

1. Set the meeting schedule.

You can schedule a meeting using Zoom.This software provides a practical meeting scheduling feature that can be accessed by all users.

It is important to remember that when setting a schedule, make sure the meeting time is in accordance with the schedule of the participants.

Here’s how to use Zoom to schedule a meeting:

    • Open Zoom and sign in.
    • Click the calendar icon.
    • Select meeting settings, then you will see the “Schedule a Meeting” display.
    • Set everything, from the topic of conversation, date, video, audio and calendar that will be used.
    • After everything is ready to be set, just click “Schedule”.

2. Rearrange the meeting schedule.

Next, we’ll cover how to use the meeting schedule reset feature in the Zoom app.For this purpose, you must tick the “Recurring Meeting” column as shown in the image above.

The table will appear when you click “Profile”, then to the “Meeting Settings” option.

3. Men a meeting without video.

Yes, in addition to holding meetings with each other, it turns out that we can also make online meetings relying on voice alone.How to use it is also very easy, you just need to select the “start with no video” option on the zoom homepage.

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After selecting the option, we can immediately continue meeting activities by selecting several options.

    • audio conferencing
    • share screen
    • invite others

Now after reading all our explanations about this app. and can use this application properly and perfectly by knowing its features and uses. Of course, you need the zoom app meeting installation file.

Please download it by clicking the link we provide below. Make sure you select the appropriate installation file for the device you are using. And lastly, if our explanation is confusing or there are errors, please scold us in the comments column.

Please select the Zoom application that suits your device

For those who need the zoom app in other forms, they can get it, by clicking the Download zoom app.

If there is other software that you need, be it for Desktop devices or Smart Phones, please click SOFTAPPIN. Hopefully what you are looking for is on our website.