Zoom Player MAX Download Latest for Windows

Zoom Player MAX Download Latest for Windows

Zoom Player MAX Download Latest for Windows. Zoom Player is a media player software for Windows desktop devices. The media we mean here is the audio and video file loader. We recommend this app to relatives who need a media player that supports multiple formats, be it audio or video files.

To find out whether this application is suitable for the main player on your windows brother. Please try it first, or you can read this article, to get to know a little about this video and audio media file player software.

Audio and Video formats supported by the Zoom Player player.

  • H.264
  • HEVC
  • DVD
  • Blu-Ray
  • XVID
  • DIVX
  • WMV
  • FLV
  • MOV
  • MPEG 1/2/4
  • WebM
  • MP3
  • AAC
  • FLAC
  • DTS
  • Dolby Digital
  • Dolby- TrueHD
  • OPUS
  • And so forth.

After using this player app, we are sure you will not regret or get bored with what it looks like. Because this software is equipped with video color control. Everything can be adjusted as needed to get a more satisfying picture.

In addition, for those of you who like to listen to music, you can also adjust the audio equalizer according to your needs. However, in terms of setting the equalizer, you still feel confused. The solution, you can use the presets that have been provided such as pop, reggae, full bass, full treble and so on. For the features of this software for windows, see below.

Zoom Player Features

There are many types of media player applications that we can use on Windows computers, including GOM Player, VLC Media Player, KMPlayer and many others. And for those of you who want to download what we mentioned earlier, you can click the link that we provide according to the name below.

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But for users who prioritize ease of use and more flexibility, this application made by InMatrix is ​​the right choice.

Maybe some people will ask, why should we use this application. Actually for the selection of each application that will be used, it all depends on the user, whether it is suitable or not. But to find out whether Zoom Player is suitable or not, then try to study every feature it offers.

1. Create and manage playlists.

Once installed, the app can be configured based on the device used whether it’s a desktop, laptop, home theater PC, or touch screen device.Visually, this application is not much different from other media players. This application comes with a pretty interesting interface, the main window is equipped with options to control media playback.

To load media files, you can drag and drop the media files you want to play into the application window or you can also use the file browsing options. This application is also equipped with a feature to manage playlists that allow you to group certain videos or audio according to your needs.

In addition, there is also a media library Jukebox Mode which can complete missing video metadata such as movie posters, titles, descriptions and so on, so that media files will look neater.

2. Multiple playback modes availabl

The app provides multiple playback modes to provide a comfortable listening experience for music and watching videos.By default, the app’s playback mode is set to default which provides a basic look and feel for playing videos. If you want to listen to music more comfortably, you can switch to audio mode where the video preview display will be removed so it doesn’t take up much desktop area.

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3. Audio equalizer available

Sound quality is one thing that is quite important, especially when listening to music, fortunately this application is equipped with an equalizer that can be adjusted according to your wishes.However, if you are not used to setting the equalizer, you can use the provided equalizer presets such as reggae, pop, dance, full bass, full treble, club and so on.

4. Support many audio and video formats

Have an audio or video file in a less common format? no need to worry about this application can not play the file. The reason is, this application supports many audio and video file formats such as MP4, FLIC, MPG, MOV, FLV, MP3, AAC, WMA, WAV and so on.

You need to know that, is a trial, you can download and use it for free for a predetermined time limit. When the trial time is up and you want to continue using it. Then you have to buy this media player product.

Until here we explain about what this media player application has. If you really want it, please download this application via the link below.

Zoom Player MAX Download Latest for Windows

After you read everything that we have written here, and still feel it is not suitable, because you need a media player that can be used completely for free. So we offer to use the K-Lite Codec Pack as an alternative. K-Lite Codec Pack Full Download Latest for Windows.

If there is other software that you need, be it for Desktop devices or Smart Phones, please click SOFTAPPIN. Hopefully what you are looking for is on our website.

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