Who Is The Saddest Anime Character – Guts, the main character from Kentaro Miura's Berserk, has a past filled with sorrow. All in the name of war and violence.

Sad Anime Wallpaper – WallpaperSafari (Victor Steele)

One Piece stands out for its well-written characters and emotional backstories, making it a unique and beloved anime. Here is a fewーfrom Ray from The Promised Neverland to Naruto.. But because of the way the story goes, I'm going to stick to Johan.

He is the protagonist of the anime series "Tokyo Ghoul".

Born when his people were alienated and had a bad history with the rest of Konoha, Itachi had to deal with many. Naruto had a lot of sad deaths. Itachi Uchiha has gone down as one of the most notable characters with a tragic story for good reasons. Apart from Pikachu's power, the character remains iconic for transcending the anime to become the brand's insignia across the media landscape, including manga, movies, video games, etc.â â â â.

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Sad Anime Character

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Sad Anime Character

You'll find anime characters who suffer from homelessness, abuse, starvation, slavery, war, disease, human experimentation, and just about every other conceivable problem that could befall a person. Although most of the story portrays heartbreaking moments, it has a perfect climax that will completely uplift your mood in the end. Imagine having to watch your parents die right in front of your eyes.


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