White Haired Anime Characters Male – Inuyasha is the central character of the InuYasha manga series and its anime adaptation. In an attempt to acquire the powerful Shikon Jewel, he was bound to a sacred tree by a priestess named Kikyō.

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Captain Toshiro embodies the "peculiarity" common to most white-haired characters. When Vampire Knight first graced the anime and manga scene, it was the enigmatic character Zero. Toshiro is an expert tactician and strategist.

He learns to live like a ghoul and eventually gets nicknamed Eye-Patch.

He is a half-demon, born from the union of a demon father and a human mother, and has striking white hair. With his mesmerizing white hair and the complex. Kaneki is an artificial one-eyed half-ghoul with white hair. However, one more souvenir from the series is the main character himself.

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Top 162 + White haired anime characters male – Lestwinsonline.com

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Zen Wisteria is the second prince of the kingdom of Clarines. While Nyu is kind, peaceful, and introverted, Lucy is. Some anime series stick to more realistic color palettes, such as the historical action series Vinland Saga, while others go wild with the "anime hair" concept and give characters exotic hair colors on a whim.



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