ClamWin Antivirus Download Latest for Windows

ClamWin Antivirus Download Latest for Windows

ClamWin Antivirus Download Latest for Windows is a free antivirus licensed by the GNU GPL which is claimed to have been used by more than 600 thousand users from various countries? Unlike the mainstream antivirus like Avast and Kaspersky. ClamWin has a look that is far from modern, but that is precisely what makes it load very fast.

ClamWin is developed using ClamAV technology which is made for Windows users. Even if you are still using Windows 98, you can still run this application.

Uses of ClamWin

Does your computer feel heavy to use? You need to know that a computer that is heavy to run applications or does not even run any application can still be heavy for several reasons.

One of them is because of being infected with a computer virus, the damage caused by a computer virus does not only occur by destroying various kinds of important files, but also by running programs that are not important underground or behind the scenes. There are several ways to overcome this, one of which is to install the ClamWin antivirus which we are discussing in this article.

Features and Benefits of ClamWin

ClamWin is an application program that functions in the system maintenance category, which is to keep your computer system safe, we can run ClamWin on almost all windows operating systems from Windows XP to Windows 10, we can install the ClamWin antivirus application.

Until now, there have been more than 600 thousand active users of this ClamWin antivirus. ClamWin is able to attract many users, one of which is because ClamWin is easy to install and easy to use.

  1. High Detection Virus and Spyware.
    If you use the ClamWin antivirus application program, you will feel safe, because ClamWin is able to accurately detect when a virus enters the computer, and does not carelessly block files that are not indicated by a virus, besides that ClamWin also has features to ward off spyware, so data security from your computer better awake.
  2. Scan Scheduler.
    By using the ClamWin antivirus application, you don’t need to do a virus cleaning scan once a week or once a month, because ClamWin has a scheduling feature that is able to schedule itself when to do a virus scan, whether every day, every week or even every month.
  3. Automatic updates of virus databases.
    You don’t need to bother re-downloading the antivirus just to get the latest antivirus, because by using the ClamWin anti-virus application, it will automatically update the entire latest virus database so that your computer is able to recognize the new types of viruses provided by ClamWin.
  4. Standalone Virus Scanner.
    By using the ClamWin anti-virus application, it will be easier for you to perform virus scanning activities on several disks, especially disks detected in Windows Explorer.
  5. Simply right-click and select scan with ClamWin.
    Then the process of cleaning the storage disk from attached viruses will start immediately.
  6. Auto Detect virus from messages.
    The security program from ClamWin is able to detect incoming viruses via Windows default email messages, usually, viruses like this are wrapped in archives and enter via attachments.
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ClamWin Antivirus Download Latest for Windows

Those are some of the advantages of the ClamWin anti-virus application program that you should know so that if you need an anti-virus as described above, you can try using this application.

Because the need for anti-virus each computer user is different depending on the work the user is doing. Download the latest ClamWin easily via the link below:

ClamWin Antivirus Download Latest for Windows

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