ezPDF Editor Free Download For Windows

ezPDF Editor Free Download For WindowsezPDF Editor Free Download For Windows 11, 10, 8, 7. Often in lectures, the lecturer brings material in finished form on the computer. If we want to ask for a copy of the material, sometimes there are lecturers who convert it into pdf format. This allows students not to be able to re-copy and paste it back into word. This also makes student laptops must have an application to open the pdf file. There are applications to open pdf files, one of which is ezPDF Reader Free.

This ezPDF Editor application with a free license presents a dual-page display feature. The pdf software allows its users to read PDF files directly, thanks to a two-page view that you can view at once.

It doesn’t stop there, even with this best free PDF reader app. The user can sign the document directly to the PDF format you want. But you have to sign in to use this feature. If you have not registered, you can register first for free.

Through the ezPDF Editor Free application for windows, you as a user can benefit from a variety of features to be able to change colors, add memos, to resize PDF files. In addition, with ezPDF, users can also cut PDF parts as needed with the crop feature.

ezPDF Editor Features:

  1. Use of PDF software with various functions at affordable prices without the burden of a license
  2. Efficient document management by combining PDF electronic documents in multiple formats
  3. Hangul custom HFT fonts and images can be completely processed without replacement
  4. Electronic documents can be used, such as conversion and merging of PDF documents and editing of text data
  5. Manage documents with various security functions such as setting passwords, watermarks, and wiping personal information
  6. Use it for presentations, proposals, etc. by making use of the various PDF functions
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In closing, we can use EzeePDF Editor simply to create PDF document files. Of course, we won’t find it difficult to use it, like Adobe Acrobat, and it’s free to use. Which is very unfortunate, for now there is no new update.

ezPDF Editor Free Download For Windows