DU Speed Booster Cleaner Download APK Latest Version for Android

DU Speed Booster Cleaner Download APK Latest Version for Android

DU Speed Booster Cleaner Download APK Latest Version for Android is a powerful application that you can use to improve the performance of your Android smartphone device. So, if you use this application, then the performance of your Android smartphone can increase drastically up to 60%.

Of course, this information is encouraging information for those of you who have Smartphone devices with limited RAM. Or maybe you are one of the many Android smartphone users who really enjoy downloading themes and other applications. Because there are so many applications or themes that you download, it makes your Android smartphone very slow.

Then because the slow smartphone makes you uncomfortable, then after that you have to find a solution to overcome that problem. And one of the best solutions for cleaning and optimizing your smartphone device is DU Speed ​​Booster Cleaner.

Advantages of DU Speed ​​Booster

The interesting advantage of DU Speed ​​Booster is that apart from being able to increase the speed of our smartphones by up to 60%, this application is equipped with a FREE built-in antivirus security feature. And also you can clean junk files (cache) on the Android smartphone device system, and can increase the available storage space on the SD card of the Android smart phone device.

  1. Easy Speed ​​Booster: just one click, thus saving time and effort to speed up Smartphone.
  2. Junk File Cleaner: Fully scan and clean all junk & cache files.
  3. Smart Cleaner: Automatic cleaning of junk processes and files.
  4. Powerful Speed ​​Booster: Speed ​​up Android smartphones by 60%!
  5. Optimization and Security Master: Make sure your Smartphone is safe and protected from viruses or Trojans.
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Features of DU Speed ​​Booster

  1. Junk Cleaner.
    Clean Android phone and SD card from junk files and cache to speed up Android. Cleans residual files left after uninstalling the application so that it can free up storage space on the Smartphone. Clear cache on phone with one click or touch to increase Android system speed.
  2. Booster Games.
    Improved speed when playing games. Intelligent recognition and manual addition of installed games and applications. Concentrate phone system resources to support game operation, launch gameplay and increase FPS.
  3. DU Security.
    Antivirus scanner and permission manager. Quickly scan/scan apps and files and then protect your Smartphone from viruses and Trojans with DU Speed ​​Booster’s built-in antivirus. Check the permissions requested by each installed app or review the apps according to the categorized permissions.
  4. Speed ​​Accelerator.
    Make apps and games on Android phones faster than ever. Diagnose and accelerate Android system speed with one click, Click the “Optimize” button or use the widget on the home.Cleans Android background process kills tasks and disables auto running apps (only for root devices). So that the memory is more spacious than before so the speed of the system increases. Stopping unnecessary applications to increase memory.
  5. Advanced app management.
    Take control of apps on Android to keep storage space clean and organized! Install/uninstall groups keep Android clean and increase its top speed. Manage apps on internal storage and SD card as well. Move phone apps and files to SD cards to free up phone space and memory.
  6. Smart Charging.
    Displays the status when charging in real-time, accurately estimates remaining charging time.
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DU Speed Booster Cleaner Download APK Latest Version for Android, you can get this application on the Play Store on Android devices. Open play store type in Du search bar, click install. For those of you who want to install using the installation file and do it offline. Please download the file below.

DU Speed Booster Cleaner Download APK Latest Version for Android

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