iExplorer Download Lates Version for Windows

iExplorer Download Lates Version for Windows 10, 8, 7

iExplorer Download Lates Version for Windows is an application or software that allows you to organize or manage files on an iPhone/ iPad/ iPod device on your computer or PC. This period is a period where technological products begin to penetrate so quickly into people’s lives. Almost all people now use smartphones in their daily life.

There are so many kinds and types. There are mobile phones that have Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems. Among the three, perhaps iOS is arguably the most stable operating system in terms of performance and security. It’s so safe, we can’t even move files on the device carelessly. You have to rely on iTunes if you want to manage files on this Apple product. But now you can try iExplorer as an alternative for managing files on your computer.

Features and Benefits of iExplorer

Before starting, you should note that this only works for every iOS device. For manual backups and data transfers, use the free iExplorer app for Mac and Windows. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Download the app you want to transfer to your New iPad.
  2. Connect iPhone with the computer.
  3. Run the software and wait for the iOS device to be detected in the file browser.
  4. Click the arrow next to your iOS device name.
  5. Click the arrow next to Apps.
  6. Find the application you want to transfer data to, and click the arrow next to it.
  7. Inside the main folder of the application, there will be a Documents folder. This is the folder where the application data is stored. Copy the folder to the desktop folder.
  8. Unplug iPhone from the computer and plug in the iPad.
  9. In iExplorer, find the app you want to transfer, then perform the same steps as above.
  10. Find the location of the Documents folder and copy all the data you just saved on the desktop and you’re done.
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The functionality of iExplorer Uses

This iExplorer application was created and developed by a developer company or software developer from Massachusetts, United States called Macroplant, Inc. With this application, you can now make settings or manage files on your computer as an option or alternative to iTunes.

  • This application has several data or files management features that Apple product users will definitely need. You can use this iExplorer application to move your audio music files to other devices, be it a Mac, PC, or iTunes. You can search for files, then preview them before copying them to iTunes or your computer. Apart from music, you can also transfer your text messages such as SMS messages or iMessage from iPhone to other devices such as Mac or computer.
  • With this iExplorer application, you can do the mounting process from iPhone and iPad devices to a computer or Mac device. So you can use your iPhone device like a USB Flashdisk media. You can view all the files or documents you have stored on your iPhone, then back them up on your computer just in case. You can also export other utilities that are on iPhone devices such as voicemail, addresses, contacts, calendar events, reminders or reminders, notes, and so on from your iPhone device to a PC, computer, or Mac.
  • You can also use this application to create a ringtone for your iPhone device, and the resulting file is not limited to only 30 seconds like in iTunes. With this application, you can also search files easily by title and associated file name. This iExplorer application also allows you to access photos, files, and many other things on your iPhone without having to make modifications (jailbreaking) beforehand.
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iExplorer Download Lates Version for Windows, You can download software for computers with Windows operating systems at the link we have prepared below. It is expected to study first before using it.

iExplorer Download Lates Version for Windows

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